Have you ever felt the that feeling you get when you see someone who you would think that you would never see in a million years? Well thats how i felt when I saw Carlisle.

“You know my father?” Edward asked, while everyone stared.

I just looked at Carlisle, he was walking over to where I was standing. When he reached us, he had his arms opened and I just hugged and for some reason I started to cry. And like Carlisle always seeing me cry because every time my parents would fight and sleep in separate rooms I would go to him and he would talk to me and just hug me and listen to me, you can say he was the big brother that I really trusted.

“Shh Lilith. Lets not freak out your mother. You know how she gets.” I nodded.  “Oh and Edward , they are here.”  He said.

I was confused well not only me, but also my brothers and sisters. Then I had a vision I saw A girl with brown hair, then a little girl who looked a lot like the other girl she was with, then a big buff guy and black hair , and a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, and a male who also had brown hair and green eyes and the end of the line was a male  with black hair, tan skin and green eyes.

“ Bella, Jacob, and Renesmee , Maddie and Eric.” I just blurted out, it was too late to take it back. Everyone looked at me; especially the Cullen’s looked at me surprised.

“How do you know those names?” Edward asked.

I looked at Carlisle. He nodded. “There is a lot to discuss but lets not do it here. Lilith how about we go to your house later when the rest of our family gets here?” Carlisle asked.

I nodded and I was about to turn, when I asked him, “Wait Carlisle are they going to come into to our school?”

“Yes.” I nodded.

I turned and ran to the gate and opened it.

I knew that when I got inside my brothers and sisters would ask me questions about what happened in lunch.  When I parked my car in the third floor garage, I got out of my car and waited for my brothers and sisters. Luna reached me first.

“Ok you have to tell us what happened in lunch.” Luna said.

“Yeah sis.” Drake said.

“ Ditto.” Mike said.

“Guys ill tell you when the whole Cullen family comes , ‘cause it involves them and our father and even Nicole…” I said

The shock of their faces scared me. Please your acting like she isn’t part of this family.

*Sorry i took lik 50000 years to write the next part hahaha. i knoe its short sorry ! >.< ill b updating faster now cuz ill be using my iPod(: and Thnks if yu read my story!(: *

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Awwee thnks.(:

Mrs. Nicole Cullen said:
It's ok. Also, my BF's name is G. He just goes by that... And oh my god! I just got him the cutest V day present!!!
Awwee thnks(,: that made Maa daii <3

Ronnie Rodriguez "twihard4ever" said:
I love it Anna:D it's rlly good girly:)

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