A Twilight Fan Fiction - Dusk (Preface & Introduction)

Hi, I'm Roshini and this is my Twilight fan fiction. I do hope you like it, please comment and when I am satisfied with the number of comments and readers I will post some more x This story is an original idea, it may or may not resemble other fan fictions and I do apologise if it does. This is dedicated to my best friends Jacob Enrique, Simran Gill and Gracie Dinnage. It is also dedicated to TwiFans memeber OliviaCullen who was my first supporter and reader so thank you Olivia.

The Twilight Saga Dusk


"Beauty comes from within, life comes from above, you can live and love with a heart or you can live and love with a heart of stone. Beauty can ruin what's within. It can rip out your pure heart and replace it. Replace it with a cold one"


I sat with my daughter on my lap, her bronze tinted hair cascading across her grown face as she slept peacefully, protected in my arms. No one was home, just me and her, everyone had gone hunting. Jacob on the other hand had gone back home, Billy had been missing his son dearly and so had to the rest of the Pack. Jake spent so much time here, it was nice for him to go back home for the day.To see him parents.

I looked down at her calm face as she snored lightly. Never, ever had a imagined myself as a mother, a parent. Never had I stopped to think about what my heir would look like, or what she'd be like. Now that she sat in front of me; it shocked me. It really did. She was perfect. My beautiful Renesme, grown to look the age of fifteen years old. Certain traits of her father in her. The same crooked smile, the same bronze hair.

My hand lightly traced a curl in her hair, images suddenly flickering into mine. My baby's dreams.

"Daddy," Nessie smiled as she sat across a chair from Edward, her teeth baring. "What did you want to talk about?"
Edward looked over at her, a stern look on his face. Yet an unexplainable look in his eyes. One I coulnt put my finger on.
"Sweetheart, your Aunt Alice had a vision, which I'm afraid was one she didn't want to see." Edward pinched the bridge of his nose as he thought about his words carefully. "Alice had a vision of the Denali family, coming here - for a visit." The look on Ness' face arose, a huge smile plastered across her baby-face.
"Kate and Tanya? They're all coming here!" She spoke with a lot of enthsiuasm. But then the emotion dropped. "Why didn't Aunt Alice like that vision Daddy?" She asked leaning forward in her chair.
I could see it, Edward wasn't locking eyes with Renesme. His eyes trying to drift away everytime she looked at him. What was he hiding? "Dad?" Nessie urged.
"Your mother-" He whispered.
"What about Momma?" Nessie's knee was now bouncing. The anticipation killing her. "Please Daddy, just tell me!"
Edward sighed and leaned forward his face inches away from our daughters. "Your mother is going to have a ... disagreement with Tanya." What kind of a disagreement were me and Tanya Denali going to have?
"What do you mean by disagreement Daddy?" Nessie whispered.
Edward closed his eyes as he spoke this time, "A fight, the thing is Alice didn't see what exactly the fight was over." Renesme listened carefully taking in what her father was telling her. "Sweetie, your mother's going to get really, very angry over the course of the next couple of weeks. About what we're not sure of but - Alice saw her, your mother ..walk out."

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