I don't really know who reads my stuff anymore but hey of any of you are put there... I'm posting anyway :p


I turned around to face my mother, her arms crossed over her chest and a smirk across her face. I could tell she was trying to look angry but I've found she never can be, she is far too kind. I suppose my latest escapade could make her angry at me, but generally she forgets about those things. She almost always did. Though, she hasn't been like that lately. She has become uptight, nervous. No matter what my father or my sister and I said it would never appease her. She often just stared blankly at the wall for hours at a time with her work in front of her and her computer on but she did nothing. I remember once dragging her to bed with her just telling me no repeatedly even after I put her to bed. She has also been going through bouts of insomnia that lasted weeks at a time. I often came downstairs at 6 to see her wide awake at the Piano composing. "Abigail, are you paying attention at all?" My mother questioned. I shook my head to bring myself back into reality. "Your Mother and I want to know if you want to go to Europe for your birthday." My father said. His voice was strained, he was frustrated with me. I was in a sense surprised by their offer and let alone the idea. I had never been to Europe but to this there must be a catch, there was always one. I was apprehensive to answer, fearing that whatever I said would be wrong. My mother then turned soft. "If you don't want go sweets you don't have to. It's all up to you." "Sure," I said while walking away. "I'll go to Europe with you guys." I opened the fridge to notice a pre stuffed chicken sitting on the counter. I heard my mother come limping towards me. Her ankle was cracking. 

"Is chicken ok for dinner?" She asked. I nodded, I really did not care about what I ate, as long as I was fed. I sat down at the breakfast bar and looked at the evening paper. There was nothing that was new to me. Throughout my parents years of working I had become immune to stories of murder, homicide, assisted suicide and assault. It didn't phase me. At times this worried me that I was perfectly fine with another person being dead. It at times felt easier knowing that these people would be going to jail in part with my parents effort. I saw my father go upstairs silently with Christiana and smile. My little cousin Julia remained behind. My mother silently did her work and invited me to join her in the backyard. We sat in the small gazebo out back. She began the conversation. "Is there something the matter? You have seemed to be secluding yourself from everyone lately." I could tell my mother at that moment was becoming the lawyer everyone knew her to be. She could get anything she wanted by just batting her large blue eyes at the defendant. They would be a pool of water by the time she was done. It was odd I know but she is still extremely effective. She proved extremely deadly for a murderer who was male. She waited patiently for my response with her hands clasped on the table. "Nothing you say will be ever wrong Abigail." She reminded. "You are far from incompetent. Feelings are feelings, none are wrong." I felt like apologizing for my latest partying but didn't. I hoped she was over it. I also felt like telling her about Liam. I wasn't sure how she would feel about it. My father would be far from happy. "It's just school Mom." I said looking down at the floor. "You're lying to me. You aren't making eye contact." Her voice was critical but still soft and kind. I looked up at her. "School is just crappy and getting to me. Their making me do SAT's in June and I don't want to." My mother gave me a puzzled look. "Why wouldn't you? Don't you want to go to the US for school?" No Mom, I don't. I want to go to Dalhousie in Halifax for Pre-Med. "Don't you want to go to school for Physcology at Syracuse or NYU?" Yes Mom, I do but not there. I don't want to go to the US I answered mentally. "Then what's troubling you?" I checked my phone it was nearly six. I should be going to see Liam soon, he would be in the woods at the park by 6:30. He was almost never late.

I continued to talk, well lie to my mother throughout dinner. She seemed to appreciate me telling jet things as I never really do. I am very much a daddy's girl. He knows everything and it seems as if he understands everything better then my mother ever truly will. He just sat there and listened. I couldn't help but text Liam and tell him I was going to be late. He would understand me and  why. I didn't even have to tell him, he would just understand. I excused myself from dinner and walked upstairs. I went into my room and locked the door. I examined my hair, the curls were beautiful but too out of control. I resorted to looking through my sisters things. She had more hair products then I had headaches. I tried to be sneaky but she had hearing that was impeccable. "What are you doing with my stuff?" She asked. "I need your curl control stuff." I kept ruffling through her things. I couldn't have used it all by now. "You mean this?" She shook the bottle in her hand. She looked at me deviously. I went up to her and tried to take the bottle from her. She threw it down the stairs. "Ya want it big sis, go and get it." I felt anger fill my body but I suppressed it. She had my fathers attitude when it came to taunting and teasing me. I ran down the stairs to grab the bottle before she got down there. Before we knew it though, we were on the floor wresting, rolling around and trying to claw one another's eyes out. "Just let me use it you little brat and I won't squish you!" She squirmed to go grab it and I fell on her. She struggled under my weight. I felt someone pull me up by the back of my shirt. I reached for my sister but I was restrained by my father. "Thats enough! Both of you!" He growled. "Christiana, go see your mother." She fought against my mother who all of a sudden appeared and had her by the collar of her shirt. She threw the bottle of product at me. "Here you are you little skinny butch!" My mother then held her by the earlobe and was pushing a pressure point somewhere on her back. She was squealing in pain. My mother I must say has an ability to cause pain like no one else. She still can bring me to my knees by pinching me in a certain spot while also delivering a sharp stab of her bony finger to the back of my knee. She had me begging for her to stop in a matter of seconds. That's what she was doing to my sister right now. She was begging to have her stop. She stopped poking at the pressure point but dragged her out by the ear. She was a woman despite hating I deathly feared. My father I feared too but not as much as her when it came to discipline. He dragged me up to his office which was on the third floor of the house. He placed me in the chair across from him. All of his current cases were spread across the desk and the floor. He was notorious for this. He took a deep breath. "That was the third time this week you and your sister have fought like this." He took another deep breath. I opened my mouth to speak but he promptly shut it with the help of his index finger. "Tell me what happened." He breathed. "Well I was going to go and fix my hair and generally I use this one product she uses to control her curls and..." "Stop. Did you ask her permission to use it first?" "She!" I burst out. "Did you ask her if you could use it or not? It is a simple yes or no question. Now answer me correctly please." He yet again let out a deep sigh and shook his head. I will admit I have no problem lying to my mother about matters such as this and other small trivial things but to my father I could not. He has been there more often then my mother ever has. I must also say, I am tempted to lie to my father. I felt my cellphone buzz in my pocket. I looked at it briefly. It was as I suspected, Liam. He was asking if I was alright. "Who are you texting?" I couldn't tell him this, he would have my head. I couldn't tell him I had been dating someone for a year behind his back. I would be thrown to the Lions in a second. That Lion would be my grandmother and not the one I like. "It's Maggie." I lied. "Is her need for you urgent?" My father pushed. I didn't answer so he assumed it was a no. "Now, what do you believe to be the proper punishment?" I hated this question, I didn't like the onus being pit on me, the defendant. 

Our house operated similar to a Court of Law, the only difference was the onus was on the defendant to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we do not need to be punished severely or that the act was spur of the moment and self defense. This time, due to the repeated offenses I was done. I was undoubtedly grounded for three to five days. I was going to attempt to bend the three strikes your out rule and extend it to four. I decided it was time to turn on the charm my mother had given me or turn on the tears. I figured this time though it was useless, there was absolutely no point, my father wasn't moving. "No going out for the weekend, no running and coming straight home to help Christiana with her work and I cook dinner for a week?" I added in a batting of the eyes at the end. "I agree with the latter but the first option should be a one week and possible probation on good behavior after three days. You are to never leave this house. Understood?" I nodded. "The punishment otherwise will severe." He warned. He got up and shook my hand. That meant terms were agreed to. He then came out from behind his desk. I went over to hug him. He accepted. "I love you Daddy." I said into his chest. "I love you too Princess." He kissed my hair  and took and placed his hands on my shoulder. "You sentence begins tonight at twelve, understood?" Alright, I wouldn't complain, I have a lacrosse tournament starting Tuesday. It was Sunday, I technically only had one day of torture. The rest of my time would be spent having fun with the girls. I also didn't necessarily enjoy the game but I was good at it, that was most likely why I was on the team. I highly preferred volleyball but due to school rules I had to participate in at least three sports per year. With my academic abilities this was easy, with my little sister and cousin Julia things at times were complicated. 

I rushed out the door to see Christiana sitting on the steps. As much as I disagree with her and despise her, she was my little sister and the least I could do was ensure she was alright. I could tell by her stance she had been crying. She sensed my approach. "Be happy you got Dad to punish you and not Mom." She managed to say this to me while swallowing sobs and wiping away excess tears. I felt like coming up with a rhetoric to her statement but calmed myself. I couldn't do that to her right now. I stood behind her until she turned around. Her eyes were swollen with tears and her face red. "Did Mom hit you?" I asked trying to sound concerned. I wiped the remaining tears from her face. She shook her head. "Then why the flow of tears?" I tried to sound genuinely concerned this time but really I couldn't be, I had been dealing with mom for a few years longer then her. "She yelled at me Abigail and told me that I couldn't watch TV for a week and I had to do extra chores! She literally screamed at me till I asked her to stop." I, while speaking with my father did not recall hearing mother scream. I could tell if she was. That scream which could easily morph into yelling at you in French was unmistakable. My mother could make you turn into nothing in a matter of seconds. She barely yelled but when she did, you never forgot the lesson. "Did she yell at you in French?" I fixed her hair and put it neatly into a braid. "No, she didn't." "Well then it wasn't that bad." I told her promptly. "But then..." I held my index finger up to her lips. "I don't want to hear it. Listen to what she told you and take your medicine. If you do, she will get better. If you keep like this, you won't be dealing with her alone."   

As I walked away from her and towards the forest that was near my house. One thing that my mother had become expert in over the years was threats. Her threats could even make my father cringe. Though, I really didn't understand why. There was always a threat of capital punishment that was in our house but it never occurred. Due to my mothers nature she could threaten it but would never apply more force then a swift whack to the arm. Even after that, she would come to apologize for her deplorable behavior as a mother. My meeting spot came closer. I was almost to my heaven, my sanctuary that came in my boyfriends arms. I saw him pacing between the trees as my heart began to race. I saw him look up at me as our eyes met. I began to run towards him. Our bodies eventually collided. He ran his hands over my hair and breathed deeply. He took in my scent as I took in his. He almost always smelt like honey and sweet fruits. He on the occasional time smelt like chocolate. Today was one of those days he smelt like chocolate and honey, it smelt like something that you could only experience in heaven. I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. "I almost thought you were dead my sweet Abigail, my sweet honey." I jumped down. I smiled and looked up at my Liam. He was a year older then me but his sprit was one only of a young boy. I suppose I got what I wanted but at the same time I desired more. I wanted in a sense something like my parents had and still have. I don't really comprehend why I desire such but I suppose it all returns to human nature. It seemed so stupid but not. Every human being desires to love and be loved in a certain way. I just unfortunately want to find a love that nowadays rarely ever exists.

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