Im going to Port Angeles and Forks in one month. I was wondering if anyone had any advice/info about sites to see or places to be sure to visit.any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

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Wow!You're so lucky!
Talking about advice..well...I didn't knew too many things about Forks before I made a search on the internet,to help you :)The best site for me was (as everybody knows) :)
Ok..So here are the places you must see as a twilight fan:
#1.La Push community(best known for being the home of the Quileute tribe)

#2.Forks high school-Home of the spartans

#3.Cape Flattery

And some places you would like to visit as a normal ,non-obsession twilight fan..(LOL)
#1.La Push rezervation (let's be's a beautiful place)
#2.Tillicum Park -"Forks Washington has a display of one of a very few Shay engines remaining in Washington. Shay locomotives are unusual in that they have a crank shaft running down the side, powering all wheels. Rayonier #10 (c/n 3348) was built for stock by Lima in 1930. It has three cylinders and three trucks. It took 11 years until it was finally sold to the Ozette Timber Company. In 1945 it was acquired by Rayonier for their lumber operation near Forks. It was retired near the north end of Forks in Tillicum Park in 1959. The Forks Lions Club erected an attractive shelter over the #10 in 1999 as well as building and maintaining most of the structures in the park over the last 40 years."

#3.Olympic Mountains(this could be also a place from Forks that a twilight fan must see it because I think it's similar with the place from Eclipse,where Edward is on the mountains ,after she left Bella with Jacob )

I hope I helped you ,kinda.
Advice, I have family who lives near there so we went this past summer. Tour Forks yourself because you can easily get around the sites yourself. They have maps in the visiting center (where they have a replica of Bella's Truck for pics) that show the main sites to visit. This center closes at 4pm so get an early start. Forks the town closes most shops around 8 so make it an early trip there. The La Push community has gorgeous scenery and friendly people. Definately bring a camera to take some nice photos of the scenery and feel free to talk with people there. The reservation is like 20 mins from Forks, simple drive there. We didn't really get to spend alot of time in Port Angeles this time, we have been there before. Like in the books there is alot of shopping and good places to eat so maybe stop here in the evening for some fun. The Olympic mountains are also a sight to see, perfect spot for pictures. Mount Rainer is a gorgeous mountain to stop by but you may want to save that for a seperate day because its like a 45min drive to the top of the mountain and cost $15 a car load to go up. Money goes to forest rangers and preservation. To buy souveniers do it in Forks because La Push only has like one small shop. You can stay in La Push overnight on the beach in a cottage type building. Not sure on the price for these but I am sure if you google it you could find out more info. We didnt stay because we had stuff to do with our family the next day. I hope this helped you and any questions let me know and will try to help you. Oh and Forks is like 2 1/2 hours outside Seattle (which you should visit Pike's Place market there) but just want to give you a ballpark of your driving time needs.
If you haven't alredy booked a place to stay, I'd recommend a B&B we stayed at in Port Angeles called the Inn at Rooster Hill. Definitly go to Bella Italia for Mushroom Ravioli - but make reservations! Apparently you can't just drop in on a Saturday night.

Twihards are eveywhere, so it's easy to find photo ops and places to see. If you're looking for additional things to do the Olympic Nation Park is amazing! But it's a long drive up, so be prepared to spend a morning or most of the day if you're planning hike (which I definitly recommend).

Forks/Port Angeles are small towns (as the books clearly describe). So if you've planned a longer vacation you should visit Seattle or Vacouver for a little fun.

Washington is a beautiful state with lots of great scenery. So enjoy!

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