After reading the Short second life of Bree Tanner, do some of you wish she would have became part of the Cullen clan?

So the question is: do you think after reading the book that Bree got what she deserved? or should she have gotten another chance to redeem herself?

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I liked her, so I was mad that she died. Yes, a second chance would have been nice. But it's not like Stephenie could have changed the outcome. :(
Yea but then again it would have been sad for her because of diego. In a way she got a happy ending because she ended up with diego in you know heaven. It was way cool what Edward did for her. In a way it was like her gift because he knew she wasn't going to make it and all of this was caused by Victoria's revenge for bella. Amazing little story but also sad and sickening.
I actually wished that Bree and Diego could've been together.... I hated that when i was reading the book I was like: "Oooooh I wished they stay together!!!", but then saying: "Oh Crap, I already know what happens, Nooo...!!!" hahaha, but It would have been awsome if Bree & Diego joined the Cullens :]
I like Fred, though. :)
I dont think so, cause she even said that couldn't stand the burn with Bella's blood. Plus her 'soulmate' Diego was long gone. I think it would of been too hard for her to control herself to the point where she probably would of just gotten herself killed, pretty much by Jasper. Bree is a good girl to her self, but being in a Vampire clan of drinking only animal blood, she wouldn't even of lasted. The book was interesting to say the least.. the one thing that bothered me and I hope Stephanie Meyer had some reason, but WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD EDWARD HAVE RED HAIR?!?!!?!? haha I just laughed. I dont think it was a waste of time or money. Good book!:)
i think tht if she wud have gotten a second chance, at first it wud have been hard for her to adjust from human blood to animal blood, but i think she cud have done it. But knowing tht she really didnt have the will to live anymore because she wud not be able to spend it with Diego, it ended appropriatly. She was not afraid to die n tht made her brave. Now she is with him so she did get a happy ending in her own way.
Absolutely! I am bowing down to Stephenie Meyers for writing this book (All hail Queen Stephenie). After I read Eclipse, I wondered what Bree was like, why in such a small part of the book she made such a tremendous impact on me. She would have fit in brilliantly with the Cullen's. Her short story (life) was outstandingly written.
Bree was a Newborn, of course she couldn't handle the intense thirst she felt for Bella's blood. If she was given a chance, the compassion of Carlisle and love of Esme would have calmed her down over time.. if she was given an opportunity.. In Midnight Sun, Edward thought of several different ways to kill Bella after he encounter the sweet and intense smell of her blood, in fact he had to run all the way to Alaska just to avoid not following through with it.. Jasper couldn't be a few feet from Bella without being in overwhelming pain.. both were vampires many, many years before Bree. Ummmm besides.. Bella becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn... so Bree wouldn't have had to endure the pain of wanting to feed on Bella's blood for to long.. Bree has my vote. She should have been a CULLEN!
I think that Bree should have gotten a second chance from the Volturi, even though I dont think she would have joined the Cullens .It was still sad that Riley Killed Diego , I would have loved to see Bree and Diego togther !!!
Yes! wish the books had come in time for Eclipse to have a differant ending. I think it would have been AWSOME to see Bree with the Cullens. And I would loved to have seen Fred in Breaking Dawn!! He would have been an interresting addition to the fight prepreation. And, Bree could have ended up with him. No one ever sad that she and Diego were soul mates, they just kissed a few times. She was with Fred her entire new life, she said once she got to see him that he was beautifull, and he was just as nice as Diego. He listened to her and belived her unconditionally. Yes! I think that Fred is the better choice. And, of corse the Cullens would have been able to control her thirst. It was awsome how you learned what information she gave to Edward. Just lik in Midnight Sun, when we learnd what Edwards was doing when Bella wasn't around!!
^ I agree. I liked Fred and Bree together. It...fits.
yes, but she would be sad about diego

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