For these first two stories it's all jaspers Pov or Maria's or Jasper's friends because Alice hasn't changed yet

(Jasper's POV)

Being the youngest person in the war was invigorating. Knowing that Inwas the best there was and I was at least years younger than 18.
There was a new town in danger and so I was sent with a rescue party. 
I helped people down the trails helping carry loads or the sick and elderly. 
Helping people is what I love to do. I have had a knack at reading people's emotions even when they try to his it
Call it intuition or just paying attention

I was out checking the trails at night when I saw three women with their backs to me standing at a small pond.
I rode down to them and disembarked my horse.

"excuse me but ya'll need to come with me for your own safety"

The women turned around. They were beautiful and enchanting in the moonlight.
"hello young soldier what is your name" the one in the middle asked.
"well I amMajor Jasoer Whitlock ma'am"
The others looked anxious.
"Nettie and you are dismissed i want this to be perfect!" the one in the middle yelled
"yes Maria" they replied 
The last words they said were"we'll be hunting come when you're done!"

Maria inched closer and closer. She leaned in as if to kiss me
"I truly hope you survive,jasper. You could be of great importance to me.l was whispered into me ear and then
She bit into my flesh.
The pain was so intense I passed out
Not knowing when I woke up that my life would be completely utterly chaos

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Oooo this is good!
Love this!!
Love this!!

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