Hi, Me and my best friend thought it would be fun to write a story, we have never written one before so we wanted to give it a go, we hope you enjoy it!! Emmett has an idea of making their own funniest home video!!




Edward’s POV


Bella nuzzled into the crook of my neck as we watched Casablanca for fifteenth time this month. Alice and Jasper were curled up on the love-seat, and while Rosalie painted her nails, Emmett banged around looking for his Pac-man video game upstairs. As I leaned in to kiss Bella on the forehead, Emmett ran down the stairs with a mischievous grin plastered across his face. “I’ve got a plan! Let’s play a game!” Screamed Emmett. Bella jumped in fright to the volume of his voice. “Would you just shut up, Emmett!” I yelled back.


“You’re just jealous!” Emmett threw back at me.


“Of What!?” Jasper called smugly from the love-seat


Alice and Bella chuckled sneakily. God, I love Bella’s Sneaky laugh.

Emmett threw them both a dark look and Bella snuggled deeper into my chest.

“Yeah, you back away!” He said, puffing out his chest.

I love my brother, but when he messes with my girl like that, he really pushes my buttons! I kissed Bella softly on the cheek, and left my spot on the couch to put Emmett in his place.

“Don’t you ever talk like that to Bella again.” I warned him sharply and threw a vicious growl towards him. He threw his hands up, palms facing me and backed away slowly.

“S-sorry Bro” He stuttered. “I-I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Good.” I exclaimed and walked back over, and took my place once again on the couch and drew Bella over my lap.

“So, before I was rudely interrupted,” he shot me a glare “the reason you should be jealous of me, is because the ladies can’t keep their hands off my sexy, rock-hard body--” Rose sniggered “I have the charm of Prince Charming--” Jasper muffled his laughter with Alice’s hair “and I have the brains that freaking Frankenstein should be hell jealous of!”

I could feel Bella struggling to hold in her laughter, Alice, who actually listened to Emmett’s little rant, suddenly fell to the floor with laughter. I remained the only one who sustained total control over my emotions, until Emmett, sobbing loudly, ran up the stairs and slammed his door shut, then I lost it.


Everyone was clutching their sides from laughter as Emmett slowly made his way down the stairs.


“I just spoke to mum on the phone, and she said you guy’s have to be nice to me!” He informed us proudly as he made his way happily towards the lazy-boy, where Rose was perched.

“So what are you planning on doing today?” Bella spoke up.

 “Whatever you want to do, love.” I stared into her big brown eyes


“Well, I’ve got something planned” Emmett said, intruding on our moment. Emmett’s statement caught all of our attention for a split second, then our focus returned to the television.

‘Bloody vampires, never caring about my importance’s!’ Emmett screamed in his head. I rolled my eyes to his selfish thought.

God, this movie was getting boring, I turned my attention to Bella. A look of confusion struck her face as she tried to figure out what Emmett was thinking.


“Edward.” Bella whispered


“Yes, love?” I replied. It’s so cute how she whispers in a house full of vampires with super-hearing.


“What’s Emmett thinking?”


“Nothing important, I’m pretty sure he’ll blurt it out in a minute or two.”


“Mmmk” She replied sweetly.


Emmett suddenly jumped up and ran for the remote. How could I not see this as an opportunity?


“Edward, what the f***, bro!” Emmett screamed in my face.


“Oh, s***!”


“Ooooh, you’re gonna get it!”


“Oh, shut up, Jazz!” I yelled.


I hadn’t taken thought to where Emmett was going to land, when I put my leg in his path , on his way to retrieve the remote. His head smashed through the glass coffee table, Esme just had shipped from Rome. Oh boy, will she be mad! Just as Rose got the thought, I lunged for the phone and hid it down my pants.


“Rose, don’t worry about it, we’ve got two weeks until mum and dad get back.” Alice said soothingly.


Jasper handed Emmett the remote after all his troubles. Alice slapped him on the thigh.


“It was getting to a good bit.” She whined.

Jasper smiled apologetically and pecked her cheek lightly.


“Na na na na na.” Emmett teased from the other side of the room. Alice scolded. Bella sat there looking back and forwards between our little crime. I kissed her hair appreciatively. Emmett changed the channel to ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ and let out a shriek of excitement.

“Omg, I love this show!” He squealed.


“Emmett?” My lovely Bella questioned.


“Oh –ahem- I mean, uh, this show’s mint!” Emmett corrected himself.


“Pfft, Okay then.” Alice said sarcastically.


Emmett’s POV


I love ‘Americas Funniest Home Videos,’ every thing about it just cracks me up. The guy’s such a hottie. Not nearly as hot as my Rosie. God, last night was amazing—

My thoughts were interrupted by a loud, disturbing cough from Edward. I rolled my eyes.

 Woah! I just had a Massive brainstorm! What if I made a funniest home video.


“Yes, yes, yes, yes, Emmett, you have to!” Alice yelled out.


“What?!” Rosalie exclaimed.


“Get real, Alice!” Edward said sharply


“Don’t be such a sod-off, Edward” Alice replied even sharper.


“Wanna fight?!?!”


“Ooh, getting feisty are we, Edward?” Jasper called.


Bella held Edward’s face between her small hands and kissed him passionately. She was either trying to calm him, or she wanted to get rowdy. Either way it was making me sick. Edward sank back down into the couch still kissing Bella. Alice obviously knew they were going to get out of hand and she cleared her throat. I loved Alice for her being able to see the future. Bella pulled back from their embrace, her face coloured with a bright, crimson red. Edward, as we all knew, wasn’t planning on stopping that quick.


“Wow, Eddie-boy, I didn’t know you had it in you”


Strangely enough, they kept going for it.




He just moaned softly.

Jasper, being Jasper, grabbed Alice by her waist and started kissing her vigorously.

That left me and Rose, staring at each other awkwardly.

“You want to go up to our bed?” She asked me in the most irresistible voice.


“I thought you’d never ask” I agreed.


I quickly grabbed her and ran up the stairs, into our room and shut the door.

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Omg, this fucken rocks!!
Love you babe xoxoxo

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