I'm so excited I will be getting to go to Twicon in Dallas this year ! Even though I'm going with my husband because I don't know any die hard Twilight fans here in my area. It would of been nice to have a group like everyone else BUT I'M GOING TO HAVE FUN REGARDLESS ! I LOVE MY TWILIGHT ! I'm going to TRY to go to SF for that con because I really want to see 100 monkeys but anybody else going ? IF YOU GET THE CHANCE YOU SHOULD IT'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN !

Thanks :)

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I really want to go to one, but they are either at a bad time, or location. I hope to go to one some day. :)
I might be going to the Twicon in Dallas but as of now its not looking too good. I really want to go and its so close too!
I am going to the San Francisco Salute to Twilight in Feb. I maybe attending the Twicon in Dallas if funds are available. Anyone else coming for the SF convention email me.
I am going to TwiCon in Dallas, too! I am very excited. I have never been to any kind of convention like this, so I don't know what to expect. But i know its going to be a blast. I have a friend there, and I was just talking to him today about joining me. If a group gets together, keep me in mind.
I am going to san Fran one on February 20th
Finally there's one in the SE! I'm going to the Atlanta con in July!
I'm going to the con in NJ in Aug. It will be my first one.lol
i recently went to the TwiCon in SF in February. it was so AMAZING. so worth all the money. i cannot wait for next yearrr !
I am headed to the one in Atlanta!! Couldn't be more excited!!
i live in england ) : i can't really go to one ) : its so depresdsing!!
i dunno about twicon. i mean... i love the characters. Edward is the ultimate man - courteous, dances well, stamina lol
but i don't want my characters screwed up by the actors.
is that weird?

i like the fantasy of the books and movie(s). I don't want reality harshing that. i mean, if robert acts like a jerk at some club, i want to still think of that as 'robert' and not edward.

anybody else think this way or am i just not dedicated enough? : )
I wanna go! Ima see where the closest one is located near me

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