Does your significant other get jealous over the fact that you are obsessed with Twilight and Rob or Taylor (or Jackson, Kellan, Peter, etc.)? I have a boyfriend and we are in a very serious relationship and im just thankful that he is so understanding and doesn't get too jealous about my obsession with Twilight. I don't know any other girl that likes twilight so i have no one to gossip with about the book, movie, and cast. He is the one who has to hear "OMG there was pictures of rob on set today and he looked so adorable back in Edward mode!!" But it he never gets mad. He just catches me day dreaming sometimes and says "are you thinking about robert pattinson again???" and laughs. And yes I'm going to have to drag him to see New Moon with me and he is going to hate it but I know i will talk him into it. So is anyone else's boyfriend/husband comfortable with your obsession over twilight or is it starting to put a strain in your relationship. Hahaha, sorry this is a weird topic but I'm just curious.

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i can kinda relate my ex hates twilight every time i talk about jake he would bash twilight and call it Gay which is rude and offense and not true.But twilight makes guys feel bad i guess they cant compete with edward and jacob.Im not going to lie my ex did have a reason 2 be jealous of jacob the way i talked about him lol.
My boyfriend cant stand the fact that I love anything with twilight, and/or Rob, he is everywhere, my lap top, closet, dresser, he cant stand it, but guess what..when he see;s or hears something on the TV about Twilight or Rob..he is the first to tell I guess he is lookign out for me??!
My hubby just laughs at me & rolls his eyes! That's ok.. he has his "hobbies" & I have mine!! LOL!!!
My hubby of 11 yrs...just rolls his eyes at me and my obsession. But with saying that....he bought both of my Twilight posters for me and they are up in the bedroom. He knows what I like!! :)
Ya my hubby sometimes makes me blush when he says something about how I'm in love with Edward, but he lets me have my little (HUGE) obsession! He will even watch the movie with me, and kind of likes it himself. He was way more jealous while I was staying up late reading the books, rather than going to bed with him though!
nop, ik heb nu een vriendje voor bijna 6 maanden,he still think that i'm crazy,lol,but if i must choose between robert or vic(bf)i would choose vic,there's now better man than him.
he knows that i love him,so he's not jalous that i'm obssed with twilight,with twilight i mean:all characters,not one person;)a year ago,my life was 4 edward,but now it belongs to vic:) bye bye luv ya
My husband doesn't seem bothered by my Twilight addiction. But I think he knows that I'm really a fan of the story and the characters more than the actual actors and the movies. The movies and the actors are just icing on the cake to me. My husband and I have a really solid relationship and he knows better than to feel threatened by a story and some actors. My husband even came on a trip with me and another couple to Vancouver to visit the New Moon and Eclipse sets and stuff. My friends' husband doesn't mind her obsession with Twilight either, and was the boldest in our group and did a lot of the question asking while we were there even though he personally could care less about it all. I think most adult couples can find a comfortable balance if their relationship is strong and healthy and the one obsessed with Twilight understand the boundaries between reality and enjoying fiction.

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