Do you like Taylor song about boys
Do like Miley the girl who is growing up way to soon?
If you answer this question please give a reason!!!!!!!!!!

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I like Taylor Swift
I love Taylor Swift. She's all about faith and love and she's so talented and beautiful and she helps girls through her music. I respect her a lot. Miley, I do love. But...she's falling over the edge. That music video was pretty bad. And she calls herself Christian? Right....

Yeah, Taylor Swift is fantastic and has a way better attitude, clearly.
i like taylor swift because she writes her own songs and she is true to herself
Taylor Swift is incredible. I didnt think much of her at first. I just thought she was cute lol. But she has proven to be alot more than that. She not only writes her own music, but she does her own set designing, planning,choreography. She works harder than most music artists work that are twice her age. I really respect that. And above all, she hasnt lost her faith and values. I REALLY respect that,most of all. Most celebrities get so caught up in fame that they lose all that, she hasnt. She is a REAL role model.So far,the only mistake she's made is Taylor Lautner lol J/K
Taylor Swift worked with Taylor Lautner, so there is a connection.

bwen said:
What the hell has this got to do with Twilight?

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