Tell if you like Edward or Rob or Both! Me? just Edward!!♥

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I Like Them Both... But Love Robert More=0)
Edward the most, but Rob is just fine too
Ofcourse Edward,He is So Gentle,Noble,Virtue,........
totaly has to be edward he sooo my type , rob is like someone who ya perants would want ya with .....he still so shagable.. bt it is defo edward for me lol
With out a doubt Edward :)
i'm in love with the character of edward....his personality and ways represent some of the things i would still like to see in guys right now, but that would be so impossible since we're so modern already...and he's also just a fictional character...but then no harm in dreaming, lolz... for rob i'm just thankful he really portrayed well edward's character....but he will not be totally edward....i like rob because with all the pressure from everybody, he stays true to himself just like kristen stewart ;)
I like edward but I love rob. I can separate fictional characters from real life! Would much rather have rob biting into my neck! lol
I love both! I think is starts out this read the books and fall in love with Edward, because (sigh) he is so wonderful and the perfect man. Then the movie comes out and you have this totally gorgeous guy bringing Edward to life, and doing a fantastic job of it! So there's some transference of feelings there. Then you start reading about Rob and how sweet and shy and humble he is, and all the little sweet things about him, and you just fall in love with him more!!! And then you decide that yes, he is the sexiest guy on the planet, and you cant get enough him....And of course, we will keep seeing him as Edward in Nov and in June, and hopefully the following year, (I'm guessing Nov 2011 for BD). So we just keep having our love affair with both!
I loved Edward before rob.. But I think I might be a little more into rob.. Still love edward of course.. But.. I Just love how rob is so cute and clumsy and funny;)) omr ( oh my rob) anyways.. Yeah I guess both??
I love Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Edward....however, we need to remember that it is Robert who gave us that beautiful
face to go along with this fictional I'm gonna say ROBERT!!!!
He is so sultry & handsome (check out the movie How to be...its hiliarious)

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