Ok, let's all just admit it. Out of the four books, soon to be five, New Moon HAS to be the most emotional, what with Edward leaving Bella, and then asking her to marry him! Why can't he do that with me!!! LOL. Soooooooooo sweet. So tell me: are you going to cry during New Moon, 'cause I know I am!

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from the sounds of it, the opening night will be a screaming and crying event ;)
Definitely :) I cant even get a grip when I'm reading it. Watching it is going to be so sad :( I get goosebumps whenever I see it on the trailer already! and I'm surely going to cry in the Volterra bit when she's running.I always cry like a baby in that part...
Yeah probably...its just so emotional. and I'm emotional person. I cried reading it the first time, and that was after I'd seen twilight, so I could picture Edward and Bella...*snif*.
if the book made me cry when edward left bella the movie will certainly make me cry
I'm going to have to say I will DEFIANTLY cry during New Moon. When I read the book, i SOBBED when Edward left her, it felt like he was leaving me. If the movie has the same portrayal of that scene, i will cry like a baby. I feel the need to go and watch it the first time on opening night with all the twi-hard fans so that I'm not the only on in the theatre crying.
Yes, without question!
of corse i am i just finished that part in the book for the second time and i was bawling lol i am tearing up just thinking about it now.
most likely. i mean...... how could u not?
well yes i will cry so hard wen edward leaves bella and at the end too. i cried on breaking dawn too so i will cry like a little baby on new moon i cant wait
i donlt know i may get on the verge of crying like I do rduring steel magnolias.
Yes! I Will Cry Like A Baby During The Movie, I Got All Chocked Up Just Watching The Preview. I Know I Cried When I Read the Book All 7 Times I Read It & It's Not Fun Trying To Read When You Are Crying...

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