Are you going to Eternal Twilight? (if you've never heard of it read here)

Eternal Twilight is the UK's first ever twilight convention running from 27th febuary - 1st march 2009, with special guests Taylor Lautner (Jacob), Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Ashley Greene (Alice) plus more to be announced soon.

Are YOU going? if so i want to hear from you so we can meet up there! It would be really cool to meet other fans from here.
If you are going do you have any ideas on how to recognize people from this site, maybe a ribbon or something.

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I AM GOING with my two friends, and i can't wait. Find out more by putting 'Eternal Twilight' into google. I would love to meet others from here. I know that on they are planning to wear purple ribbons so that they can recognize each other, so i thought we could do something similar.
I sooo want to go! However, limited funds due to having to live as a uni student are stopping me. I just can't afford that kind of money :( Suuuucks.

Related slightly, I know it's Kellan Lutz's birthday is 15th March (we share the same birthday!), and as the convention is a few weeks before, people who want to give him things could do so then. Just thought I'd suggest it :)
I want to! But I have no clue where Northhampton is!

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