Is anyone else peeved that Disney stars are trying to get in on the Twilight action? Honestly, it seems like they feel like they need to be involved in EVERYTHING... I dunno this really really bugs me lol sorry for ranting but really.

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haha yes i agree
they would ruin all the movies!
couldnt agree with you more...
yeah i agree this will ruin the concept of twilight they shouldnt let them in its not a film like disney make its something apart they should respect it
I know! Disney stars are soo annoying. And usually disney kinda ruins movies and all. Just wait for like Joe Jonas to play the New Edward Cullen in Eclipse. Ugh.
no way they cant replace rob an dkristen they are perfect for the movies if they do so i think their will be a huge boycott also the disney stars are too childish and this love story is a mature one no way they are gonna approch twilight they are gonna ruin it completely
I agree how can they handle everything that our beloved series is?!?!?!?!
they are gonna ruin everything
If ol Hannah Montana shows up in any of the movies, I'm done. I swear I will boycott them if they put her in there. Unless it's to be dog food for Sam Uley and his friends when they are "phased" that is.
Anyone been over to the casting site and seen who's been trying to get in on this?

Seriously who do they think Jamie Foxx is going to play?

Dimitri? Come on people don't ruin this movie series by putting these people in there! Puhleaaaaase Dustin Hoffman, who's he going to be? Well he's old enough in real life that he could be Aro or Marcus or Caius but please! Ok so yeah he's a good actor, of some reknown but sorry he is just not twilight material. I am seriously afraid they're going to ruin the movies now after paying a visit over there.

Oh and when the movie opens if I walk in there and see any hint or sign of ol Hannah Montanna, I swear I will walk out.

Unless she's in a big ol silver bowl marked Purina, as food for Sam and co.
all i have to say about this subject is the same thing i always have to say about this subject.......KEEP YOUR DISNEY OUT OF MY TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!
Maybe we should start a group ( in the group page of this site)... for people who thinks disney people will be the death of the twilight saga movies and the soundtrack... just to see are we the minority or majority...
i agree with you...thew cant put them to the movie because it would be a horrible...

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