I have enough evidence now. They are dating. Who kisses their friend on their birthday at a twilight convention? And look at the video comments here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4GWaLSGNfs
Enough evidence for you? Look at this photo:

Note the body language? Friends don't tend to do that. Others rumors are that on the Twilight set everyone called them hubby and wifey. What more do you want?

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well actually Jackson actually does have feelings for Ashley but Im not sure if she does and besides she isn't allowed to date Im not sure why though
i think that there just friends even though it would be cool if they were more then that!!!
i think there just possing and being friends
look at jaspers and alices left
its bella and some1 else kissing that doesnt mean there lesbis
anyway (Jackson) Jasper is mine
no there not 2gether
that would be awsome...!
OKAY, that's great, coz I like man boobs and Jackson Rathbone/Jasper is mine! thank you very much!!!

Malcolm Bennett said:
don't you dare insult me like that ashley greene/alice is mine and she doersn't like jasper he has man boobs
Well they are perfect together!
Jackson said in a video
I'm taking my wifey home, after long day at work...
He was so cute :P
yes there dating thats why they are always together and y they kiss and y they always smile when they r toghther
That would be so cute! I love the pic too! :)




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