hey i was just wondering if anyone else feels the same way about ashey as i do because i REALLY dont like her anymore. i used to love her but ever since the whole holding out for more money i seen a new side to her and i didnt like it. i mean lets be honest in breaking dawn, espicially in part to, she doesnt have that big of a role. shes hardly going to be in part 2! so why should she get more money? to me it seems as tho she thinks that just because she plays Alice that means she deserves more money that the others, i know Kellan held out for more money aswell but hes in it more than Ashley is! if anyone deserved more money i think it would be Peter, to me he deserved a pay rise more than Ashley and Kellan.


i really want to know if any of you agree with me or of its just me :)


and please dont write horrible things about me not liking Ashley, i know ALOT of people love her so please just respect that this is my opinion of her and dont write nasty things about me

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i loved ashley too know i still like her but i think she's arrogant know. i hope it's not all true what we heard about her...
i kinda feel the same way. i used to love ashley the most out of the rest of the cast but in the past couple of months, it just seems like she thinks that shes entitled to more money and what not. of course i dont personaly know her, so i cant really say if shes really like this. me and my friend were talking about it and we THINK she has kind of the personality of the character rosalie. like maybe she feels shes better than everyone else.

but that is just my opinion. i still like her but not as much as before.
At first I really liked Nikki Reed as an actress and as person, she looked very nice, kind and funny. Now it's not the same, I still think that she's cool. The same thing with Ashley now. I saw in other comments that she's Fame Whore, I'm starting to think excatly waht comments says. ( No offense, please) Just fame really changed her, I guess.
i always loved ashley, yeah think she changed but i still like her, perhaps it was the fame that changed her or maybe she was always like this...
I love Ashley and think she's an incredibly talented young woman. That said, you can't really blame her (or her Reps whose job it is to watch out for her best interests) for trying to "strike while the iron's hot" as it were. Let's face it, when she signed on to do Twilight the suits at Summit knew the project would do at least "okay" because the books had a dedicated fan base (that would be us). The talent signed on to what was basically an Indie project and that typically means not a lot of money for everyone involved.
I'm guessing Summit was as shocked as everyone else when they saw the dollars that the movie generated. You can't blame any of the actors for wanting to get their fair share of it; I mean, this IS a business after all. Sorry if that takes some of the romance out of it for you but that's what it comes down to. It sucks and that's reality.
We have all-each and every one of us- helped Summit make a huge boat load of dollars; that's because of Stephanie Meyer and the amazing cast. Don't hate on Asheley for wanting to get her fair share of that pie. If you ask me, the ones who are REALLY making out like bandits after the re-negotiations are "The Big Three". Kristen, Rob and Taylor are each making $25 MILLION for Breaking Dawn. But more than that, they're also getting a piece of the "back end" and that's based on pure profit; as anyone who knows anything about the movie industry will tell you, that's where the "REAL" money is made. And Ashley, Billy, Nikki, Jackson, Kellan, Elizabeth and Peter will not see any of that. Their roles may not get as much screen time but the characters they bring to life are all an important part of the magic that is the Twilight Saga on screen.
I'm just sayin...

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