Did you see them. They're up on Perez..Poor girl, she's so sweet:(
Do you think it's her?

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I don't think we should post them here. So, Tatiana , if you could please delete them...I'm sure Ashley is ashamed and we should respect her, as fans of the movie...Just my opinion. That Perez is a horrible man, but we the fans are better than him.
Oh my...saw them just now..uh speechless.
I really did not think she was that kind of a person,I mean obviously they are old photos but still,nude?
I honestly thought she was better then that..
Yeah.it's definetely Ashley,no doubt about it...Unless they're photoshoped wich I don't think they are.
lmao okay,Yeah your probably right. I didnt think of that :)
Oh my..Poor thing! yeah ok she posed for them but they aren't new pics and we dunno where they've come from, some nasty ex may have put em out there for reasons only known to themselves. I'm sure she'll be feeling really ashamed but its only cos of who she is that its gonna be/is a big scandal!!
I feel bad 4 her.

Just saw them perez is a heartless bastard.

Do you see the cmnts people left on his website--creppy

I didn't wanna see ash like that so I juss looked at the blocked out version.

I wonder if she's found out yet? Wonder if chace has seen em?
So many q's no answers
OMG! For a second I thought you guys were talking about Vanessa Hudgens...

But wtf man. Perez hilton is a b****. That's f***** up to show them on his site. He is so full of s***.
I saw them, and they didn't look real! it looks like her heads been posted onto her body...i don't believe she'd do that..like there so fake! Ashley has morals and obviously wouldn't do that! Shes an amazing actress and gorgeous and really nice she wouldn't do something like that! I feel bad for her
What is it with Perez Hilton? He's been hating on the Twilight womens for awhile now. Is he going through menopause or something? Sheesh.

I agree, don't post them here. We gotta show some solidarity with Ashley, and all the Twilight womens, including Rachelle, but excluding Bryce.

Yes, I'm still pissy about it.
yeah the photos are real, it was something she did on her own time and she is a grown woman so whats the problem, no one is perfect

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