At the End of Dusk! My Twilight Fan-fic ( for the Fan-pire's Contest) Ch. 2! Rated NC-17

Please note none of the Characters belong to me, they belong Stephanie Meyer! OH and also this Chapter might not have things suitable for readers under the age of Seventeen...please note the Reading of each chapter the rating may change.

Chapter 2: First Day of School.

I still could not believe that Mother and Father agreed to let me go to school, and that Jacob was okay being my personal bodyguard or something like that. I was already to go wearing a new outfit my Auntie Alice bought me. I was wearing tight dark blue jeans, a t-shirt with a butterfly print, and a light blue sweatjacket. I had my backpack slung over my back and was waiting for Jacob to come pick me up. Mom and Dad were kissing and hugging all over me, like it was my first day of Kindergarten or something.

"Okay dear. Do you have emergency supply of blood," Mom asked checking me over.
"Yes Mom, I am good to go!" I said excitedly.
"Alright you remember the rules, and have fun...highschool is a big deal." Dad explained hugging me one more time. I just nodded my head and said,"I love them both."

Jacob arrived in his car he was working on for a long time. I really loved his car! We drove off towards to school, before I began having a conversation with him.
" don't think...I won't fit in or anything do you?"I asked while fiddling with the strings on my jacket.
"What is that suppose to mean?! I think you will fit in great. You have a great personality...sweetie." Jacob said sure of himself.
I sighed and began," Well what if I get on your nerves for being up your ass to much!"
"You won't Nessie, you are the girl I am supposed to be with for the rest of my life!" He exclaimed.

We were stopped at a red light and he leaned in kissed me; I kissed him back. He then kissed me on the forward. I sighed and thought to myself that this might be okay. We finally made it to Forks Highschool. Jacob was going to the school on his family's reservation, but decided to go here, when he learned I will be going to this school. I stepped out of his car and we went inside. He held my hand for support because I believe I was shaking with nerves or something. We went to the main office to get me signed up, and also my class schedule. I was really happy I have about three classes with Jacob, and I was starting out as sophomore. My family explained to the school-that I have been homeschooled up to that point. That was true for the most part, my Grandpa Carlisle made sure I got an education.

The first class I had was not with Jacob. It happened to be English. I was so excited to meet the teacher cause I love English and everything to do with Literature. I came in the class and the teacher had me introduce myself. I did and after what seemed like forever of emberassment; I finally took a seat next to a girl with bright red hair and green eyes who was wearing a bright yellow dress with a brown jacket.
"Hey. My name is Malenka McRoal. Are you liking it here so far," Malenka asked leaning over discreetly.
"Yes. It is really nice. My name is Renesme, but you may call me Nessie," I said quietly back.
"Malenka and Renesme, if you are done talking can you please read us the next segment of the assignment!" Our teacher yelled.

We did and after class Malenka and I decided to have lunch together. I liked her alot. She reminded of my Aunt Alice, but was a little more bubbly. Malenka and I became the best of friends. She was like my copilot in this crazy ship called school! It was about lunch time, and I was feeling the thirst again. I was just about to leave class which happened to Algebra at the time a class I had with Jacob. He saw the look on my face and raised his hand to explain to the teacher or rather lied to her that I had diabetes and I needed my insulin shot. The teacher waved her hand in approval to let us go. I ran to my locker and grabbed my emergency supply of blood and shot into the bathroom. Jacob stood outside the door to guard me. After I was done drinking I felt so much better. I decided I wanted to be naughty. I don't get to spend much time with Jacob because of my Mother, but remember I may only technically be eight, but I have the mind and body of sixteen year old. I pulled Jacob into the bathroom with me, and we began to make out. He sat me up on the sink counter, and I pulled him wrapping my legs around him. He took my shirt off over my head and kissed and caressed my breasts. I pulled off his shirt and began giving him tingly butterfly kisses all up and down his chest. One of his hands was going down my skirt caressing my lower area, I moaned in satisfaction. I kissed him hard and thrust my pelvis to the movement of his. We didn't go far as sex, but that make out session was just what I needed.

I pulled back on my shirt, and I kissed Jacob one more time before we headed to class. I was going to love school. I had a great new friend named Malenka, I got to spend a lot more time with the love of my life Jacob, and I was finally able to make my own decisions. This was going to be a great year!

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i really like your story so far. when r u posting a new chapter?
I like it ,it's pretty good
If you go into the discussion area of the group Twilight Fan-fic Competition there is Chapter 3 already posted, and thanks for all the comments!
i went to that group and checked out the discussions and i could only find the first chapter for your fanfic

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