Hey everyone! So my Mom and I are planning on attending the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere in LA and I was wondering if any of you experienced tent city campers could give us a bit of estimated info.


We have an idea of how long we're going to need to camp for and potentially what date the premiere COULD be on, but we have no idea where and when to get information on when we can start lining up to get the wristbands to access tent city.


I've already done quite a bit of research and I know that dates to start lining up for wristbands were only announced for Eclipse and BD Part 1. What I would like to know is approximately how many weeks/months you think we'll receive the information on when to start lining up and when the permanent date for the premiere will be in relation to the actual movie release that's on the 16th. If it's too early to tell or whatever else i'd just like to know how many weeks/months in advance they told you all about when you could start lining up for Eclipse and BDPart1.


So just to sum it up:

1. Where did you find info on where and when to line up (websites)?

2. How many weeks/months in advance do you think we'll receive info on the line up date and premiere date?

3. How many weeks/months have you gotten that info in advance for previous premieres?



Thanks everyone! Your info would be much appreciated!

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