Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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first;i love the story hisself,and second:joehoe!!!!its a movie with robert pattinson!!!!!al his movies are great!!!!don't you think???!!!but i like the movie ,its sutch a nice story,and with robert pattinson,its perfect!!!!
I didn't know Robert before seeing the film Twilight. I'm so addicted to the love story but I must confess now I'm deeply dazzled by Robert. I'm 30 years old, yeah too older for this kind of thoughts but I can't help myself. I find this young guy is so much talentuous (cinema and music), charming, mature for his age and facing such a success and of course beautiful. I wish he will have a great life with much success again and again, he really deserves it.
I have a very big thing for Vampires and a love story with them in it is right up my allie. I have been finding out that Rob Pattinson is a good actor on his own and look forward to seeing more from him. If it's because of Rob that I were a Twilight fan then I wouldn't read the books over and over again. He does a very good job in the Twilight saga and I can't wait to see the rest.
Well, I got obsessed with the first two books, then went to see the movie - resolutely determined not to fall in love with him like everyone else - and what do you know? Fell in love with him, and then read the next two books, which I loved even more... Basically, I am a true fan - and RPattz is an added bonus!!
TwiNerd all the way! Rob&Taylor are both heartbreakingly gorgeous, but the books are the best!!
Im a true twilight fan the love story is what captivated my heart. I adore Rob and I have been a fan of his since Harry Potter. But true twilight fan all the way. The Twilight Saga is a story full of emotion. love, happiness and sadness it invovles evrything we all go through in life with relationships&family & friends. Rob plying Edward is beautiful in itself. But always a true twilight fan:)
I'm a ture Twilight fan. i love the story. Rob is just a wonderful bonus,LOL.
I'm proud to say I love twilight for twilight and love everyone in it, not just Rob :)
Don't get me wrong Rob is INCREDIBLE as Edward and really brings him to life, but I love him in all his other roles i've seen as well =D
I'm a hardcore Twilight fan, but i agree with Karen Lakin, Rob is a bonus!! :)
I became a Twilight fan because of Robert Pattinson! He drew me to the series - now I am a true twihard :)
im kinda both lol mostly a twifan lolxx
totally a twilight fan......i hated reading until i started reading twilight...i couldnt put the books down...and i still cant.....robert is always a plus though




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