Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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I am 100% Twilight Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the books and I wish there were more..... Rob is just a plus
I am both ask me a hard question and i will give you a correct answer for it
To be honest i saw the film first and Edward / Rob stole my heart ha ha .Then the movie opened my eyes to the saga so i purchased all four novels and S M stole my mind and heart.
Watchin the movie first was extraordinary ,breathtaking and it gave me the faces to the names in the stories which have engrossed my mind and made them more compelling to me. Especially Edward beautiful, godlike who else could play Edward to perfection other than Robert Pattison......So yes I am a 100% fan of the Twilight Saga and Robert of course!!!!
Too be honest i had heard of the movie Twilight being filmed and i thought ohh vampire movie, right up my alley love vampire anything. Didn't have any idea at the time it was a book, then saw the movie - loved it, then went straight out the next day and bought the 4 books and read them in a matter of about 4 days straight.

In regardes to Robert Pattinson at first i had no idea who he was, thought he looked good in the movie did a fantastic job of edward. Then i realized i thought he seems familiar and then i caught Harry Potter and it clicked.

So i was a vampire, then Twilght fan first and now a big Robert Pattinson fan. But i love a whole heap of the other cast too.
i am way a fan
for all the time and forever
my mom doesn't like the book she thinks it suxx
sahd aee!!!
robert is so hot
loved in the movie better at least he shaved his face ae lol
100% both. I love all the books, you could picture the whole thing as you read it. When I saw the movie, that's when I fell in love with Rob. I keep asking my husband to sparkle but he wont lol.
Have to admit I was a rob fan before twilight. I only read twilight because i knew rob was doing the film. BUT despite this I've been swept up in the twilight phenomenem. Love everything about it especially the books. I couldn't put them down, and that rob happens to be in the movie is a bonus!
i am 100% twilight fan too, i'm totally addicted... but Rob is amazing as Edward and i can't deny that he's one of the reasons that i loved the movie even more ...
TRUE TWILIGHT FAN! lol. even though robert is hot there are so many other people that could have played edward! and the love story is amazing!!!!!
I'm a true twilight fan, I love all the books and I think all of the actors are amazing! Robert is just the perfect man to play Edward and he does a brilliant job! Twilight is fantastic and the fact that Rob performs Edward is just very very very good for all of us!
i am a true twilight fan i love all the cullens ssoo much and i think the books are so amazing and all the movies that have come out so far as well!!
Im a true twilight fan rob just makes me love it even more




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