Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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Im a true twilight fan rob just makes me love it even more
Well considering that I really didn't know who he was before, I am totally 100% a Twilight fan!!!! Now I am also a Robert Pattinson fan of course!!! :)
*.-Yess 1000000000000% i reaLLy Lowe him and Lowe the movie:$.!
isss the best that I see:$.!

rOb iss sO cutte:$.
the mOvie is sO greatt:$.!

Rpattzzz. Lowww yaaa withh aLL my (L):$:$.!
my ewerythingg:$.!
I agree with Kate hands down, even though I only saw him in one movie(Harry Potter) before Twilight. I love the books and the stories of each character, but I'm very obsessed with Rob.

kate *muff* said:
i was into twilight before i knew that robert pattinson was playing the SEXY vampire EDWARD CULLEN. i have seen all of Robs movies, because he was my favorite actor before twilight, but when he decided to star in twilight, my all time favorite book, he raised the bar that much further. so the answer is no im not into twilight just because of robert pattinson. im in love with Him and Edward, but im obsessed with Edwards and Bellas relationship just as much. i love all the cullens and charlie and bella very much and i always will be the ultimate twilight fan.
I didnt like r.pattz at first...but now i do. i am a true twilight fan too
I'm 1000% Twilight mad but it doesn't hurt to have the sexiest men in movies in the films
I'm 100% a Twilight fan!! Robert is iceing on the cake as Edward Cullens!!
Im 100% inlove with the story & idea of a life & love like Edward & Bella's, the story is so captivating its hard not 2 love, it was'nt until the 4th time i saw Twilight that i started 2 think Rob was cute, but Edward is a different story, i think all girls r inlove with the idea of a bf like Edward Cullen, the whole story is awesome as r all the characters, love every part of it,cute guys r just a bonus.
No way. I'm a fan of the books and the characters. I admit, I now always picture Rob as Edward, but how could you not? In my head, Edward is way sexier than he is in the movies. Rob is the perfect Edward.... but the character that Stephenie created trumps them all.
I luv the whole story and the characters.Rob is very handsome and fits the part in the movie.I am into the whole thing not only Rob.
Um, do I have to pick one?
No, I can't... It's BOTH!!! :D
I am a 1000% twilight fan not only 100% "giggles". I have read the books first and then seen the movies. For me it was so amazing that the book was on the screen! especially when i first seen the Twilight trailer, i was like omg!! And yes how can you not fall inlove with a guy like Rob? I am so glad we were born same date 13th of May! It is the first time i discover an actor who was born same date as i am, just one year difference :) But i felt an attraction while i was watching the movie, deep down i knew! hehe then i came home checked in the internet about his bday and tada! same date.. weird huh...
Ah well, glad to be in this group.. and so happy to be surrounded with twilight fans!! Can't wait till June!!




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