Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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The first thing to say:That's the Twilight story. It's so attractive and wonderful. and I can't stop reading it again n again.And the second:Robert is here.He's so hot.And I noow can't imagine how am i if I can meet Rob in person.Maybe I will try my best to go to London to meet him only once in my life.This morning, my friends who are too blind to see Rob's attraction said that they don't like him and they think I'm nuts, I cried. Never have I done like that.Love him so much!!!!!!!!!!!
I am a true Twilight fan! Having said that I think that Twilight is all about Edward . I would have been happy without Jacob at all. It's Edward that I find to be the most extraordinary character. I can't get enough of him. Without Edward there would be no Twilight. I am finishing up the series for the 8th time. I watched New Mooon 18 times in the theater and I watch Twilight every day, all day long. I rarely change to another program or movie. Rob is the only actor that could play Edward. He is just a beautiful man, and so talented. I think I really became a fan when I found out that he really played the piano in Twilight. That was AMAZING! I love musicians, always have.
I am truly both. I have always loved Vamps so that makes me a Twilight fan and after listening and learning bout RPatzz... I am very much into him too. I think he's so hott and funny and normal... I hope..
I like Rob so much, and may be that's i am a twilight fan too... Yes, it's really petty))) I love all the films with Roberrrrt...
Darina said:
I like Rob so much, and may be that's why i am a twilight fan too... Yes, it's really petty))) I love all the films with Roberrrrt...
I am a true twilight fan, I have been since I read the first book. I love the books they are my favorite. I have to admit this I have a major crush on Robert Pattinson, he is HOT. I was hooked on twilight before I saw the first movie. I LOVE TWILIGHT !
I am a TWIHARD,twilight is awesome and i cant get enough of it. However Robert Pattinson is amazing aswell, i've loved him way before he even played Edward Cullen.
I cant deny he is hottt but my first love is Twilight
Hello, haven't been around much, hehe.
I LOVE the book series, I read the first book when I started seeing how much of a huge deal the upcoming film was. I picked it up in Borders one day on an outing with friends and I was hooked before I had it to the checkout counter. I am disappointed that the first film didn't keep closer to the book but still love it. I find the story to be wonderfully unique and intriguing, and the writing to be somewhat similar to my own. And I am a hopeless romantic. Plus if you really need solid proof that I am a Twi-hard come see my bedroom, lol.

I actually truly discovered Robert for the first time through his performance as Edward Cullen, I regret to say. Since he is simply adorable as Cedric Diggory. I find both Twilight and Robert to be amazing in their own separate ways.
honestly i hated twilight but then my bestie Kayla encouraged me to watch it. i took her advice and watched it. after watching it i fell in love with Edward and Robert Pattinson soo im in love with him and Twilight. I just couldn't get enough so i read all the books took the quizzes and became a true twi-hard.. oh and i became TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥
I'm a true twilight fan and a true Robert fan...
in into twilight 110% no doubt about it the story of twilight is a great story and I've read the books over 2 times! thats a true twifan to me.... but if my way isn't yours what do you care!?!?




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