Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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i am exactly like you i am just in love with rob !!!

N Luv with Rob Always said:

I am a Rob fan!! i love him so much I'm totally obsessed with him. he's great in all of his movies.He will win an oscar one day! I'm sure of it. Yeah he is good in the Twilight series but he's also great in his other movies too. I have all of them and I watch then a lot. I am also a Twihard too. But mainly because of Rob. he's so sweet,sexy,smart,funny and such a normal guy. He doesn't think that he's anything special. he's so amazing and i can't wait to see what he does in the future. Go Rob!!!!!!! love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah i was a twifan b4 the movie actually came out aswell and i have loved rob pattinson/edward ever since i think hes such an amazing man !!!

Team Edward&Jasper Luvver said:

I loved and was a huge fan of the twilight series before twilight the movie even came out and Robert Pattinson was Edward. But to be honest I do sometimes go watch other movies to see like remember me and things like that because of Robert Pattinson not only because he is SUPER HOT but also because he is a very good actor!!!

I am both a true Twilight fan and a devoted Rob fan.

I love Edward and the story with such passionate true love and mystery.  I was hooked on it before I even had it to the checkout counter when I first begun to read it. I admit Rob may have helped get me there because had I seen Zac Efron who had also auditioned for Edward in the role on the commercials I would have been less likely to pick up the book as I had little interest to begin with.

But I also love him for just being the person he naturally is; he's sweet, funny, and very down to earth, humble and shy. *sigh* I just love that stuff in a man. <3

And I just love how he doesn't think much of being famous, it's just something he enjoys doing.

I have seen all his films and was amazed by his performance in each one, he is a very gifted actor. He has an amazing ability to get in deeply in touch with his character's beliefs and emotions. He doesn't act at all, he becomes the  role. I have also read the books of his films, and I have not read so many books in years. So he has helped me become a bit healthier. 

Plus he is the sexiest man in creation! I WANT HIM!




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