Be truthful..... are you only into twilight for Robert Pattinson or a true twilght fan?

I am a 100% twilight fan my mom is in it for Rob

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no, I love rob of course, but i love the story and the carahters it is all fantastic! but OF COURSE rob IS PART of the reason :)
i am a 200000000000000000% twilight fan and i think the guys r HOTT !!!!
true twilight fan.I LOVE robert patinson and al but i also love the books and the movie
I was a fan of Twilight even before Rob was cast as Edward. But now there is no other Edward but Mr Pattinson.
ABSOLUTELY in it for the story! Robert Pattinson is just a bonus - A BIG ONE! I love the world of twilight & am very saddened that its only fictitious =( The world would be a better place with more Edwards & Jacobs!
i like twilight becuz it's great...
and i have to be honest,the movie won't be spectacular without him...
Ok so I am a die hard twilight fan but I would have to say edward (robert pattinson) was excatly how I pictured edward to look.. but I was a true fan before the movie came out..
I am a true Twilight fan because I read the books now dont get me wrong I am absolutely in love with Rob but I just love the series, I am also Team Alice and Jasper.
Totaly in it for Twilight Saga, Best Saga I Ever Read! Love It...Of course Rob Makes It Though LoL
I have to admit that Robert Pattinson is totally the sexiest man alive but I do also love the Twilight Saga - they are amazing storylines and you have to love the characters - I think Stephenie & Catherine did a wonderful job at casting these people...
Hell no. I am a true Twilightfan rob. is just a bonus LOL.
i love twilight i didnt get rob at first, so twilight first 2nd is for rob. who can say they dont like him lol xoxo :)




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