Bella’s POV

I was comfortably in Edward's arms staring at Wuthering Heights in front of me. I didn't know for sure, but i think Edward already knew what James wrote in it. I shivered even thinking about his name.

Just as I shivered Edward stiffened. He stiffened so much I thought a marble stone was just hugging me it hurt a little. But I was too concentrated on wondering why Edward had this horrified look on his face.

Just then his eyes turned black. Not a dark gold a black. I saw in his eyes confused, pained, pissed, and the most I could not imagine a vampire. I never seen him that angry since Maria came.

I heard a loud crunch noise and then Rosalie was suddenly in front of me bewildered. Her eyes were dark, but not as dark as Edward's.

What the hell happen? She looked as like she'd just seen a ghost or something.

I was then scared. I gripped Edward's arms as hard as I could. What was up? Was another vampire coming? A human blood drinker? Did they find something in James' apartment?

"What happened?" I screamed. Now fiercely aware. Jasper was trying to fix the damn door. Why did it matter? He felt my pissed-ness , not even sure that that was even a word and sent me calming waves. I fought them off.

No one said anything.

I wanted to get up and shake the truth out of my mother. Edward's grasp on me was too tight to move. He kept me there sitting on his lap. His eyes locked on the book. He picked it up and gave it to me.

I stared at it. I opened the cover up.

I frowned. It looked like my book to me. Nothing happened to it. What he took it and gave it back? What was the point.

Then I saw it. There was a piece of paper hanging out. I took it slowly. I unfolded it.

I know you love me. ( I flinched at this) I know your scared of Edward. I'm planning to come and get you soon. I promise. This sounds crazy I know; but we will be together soon I promise you you and I will be together. You will never have to look back at this. You will forget everything you have been through. Especially that monster that has been hurting you. I've seen it in your eyes. I know you are afraid. Don't worry my love this will be all over soon. Edward and everyone will disappear. I love you Bella.

I stood open mouthed at this piece of paper. My hands formed into a fist, my teeth were clenched. Now i probably knew how Edward felt about this and now this? I really felt like a vampire now.

I felt someone touch my cheek and I looked up. Of course it was Edward. His face looked torn because of mine.

I faced my mother now.

"What the hell happened mother?!" I screamed and she looked upset and looked like a vampire herself.

Again Jasper tried to send me calming waves and I exploded.

"Stop that!" I screamed at him. He pursed his lips to the side and looked away.

I looked at my mother again waiting. I had enough waiting. I stood up, Edwards arms around my waist trying to hold me back.

She sighed and then sat me back down as she sat too.

"Bella. Bella you need to calm down. I can hear your heartbeat louder than i'm talking."

I sighed and as Jasper sent me more calming waves I relaxed. I took a deep breath. Thats probably the first time I couldn't hear or feel my heartbeat. But i really wasn't concentrating on it.

"Bella you really need to calm yourself. Alright? I am going to say it point blank but you need to relax." She gave me a wide eyed look and then said it. "James is crazy, as you can tell, he thinks you are in love with him. He is literally obsessed with you. But do not worry we will get this through. You will not have to worry Bella. This will be all over by a blink of an eye. Ok?" She then put her hands on my face and it calmed me down.

Not enough to realize this crazy dude is obsessed with me? Why? It isn't like i'm pretty or anything. So why me? Oh yea, danger magnet.

God why me?

Edward's POV

I stared at Bella she didn't talk as she looked like she was having a discussion with herself. Probably something like " Why me? Why am i always getting trouble stirred up?" I could easily answer that because she's a danger magnet.

"Bella. Bella look at me." I said. She turned her head. I did what Rosalie was doing to her and put my hands on her face and stroked them gently.

"Bella nothing is going to happen. He is a crazy human. He won't be able to do anything to you. I promise that. This will all be over soon. We will be able to go to a psychiatric unit and then he's in and you will never-"

"What are you talking about? All we have is a piece of paper we don't have any other evidence that he's obsessed with me." She and I flinched at this.

Before I could answer Jasper walked over and hugged her.

"Bella nothing i going to happen. We have evidence do not worry about it." He sent her worry-free waves and she took them. Knowing that we were trying to get her mind of the topic.

I wanted to kill this thing. If he tries to have contact with her and I don't care if it's just a look, him calling her, or even him talking about her, I will kill him.

Just as I thought this I heard Alice and Emmett running towards the house. Did she my decision? Good. Maybe she brought a shovel.

Eddie, Alice saw that he left or something. Is Bella alright? Emmett thought.

Alice was seeing how I end up killing James for some reason. She couldn't see why but I wasn't sure where it was. Was it in Bella's room? I growled at this.

Alice and Emmett then came in then and smashed the door and Jasper groaned. Esme was still out grocery shopping. When was Carlisle coming home? Wait there's a psychic here.

"I don't know where he went." Alice said her moth was hung open and her eyes were wide.

For once she didn't know what was wrong with this things head? Other than he's crazy. . Emmett thought.

I turned Bella around so that she was sitting on my lap, her legs wrapped around my waist, and her chin resting on my shoulder. She closed her eyes. She wanted this nightmare to be over with she wished this never happened.

I rose out of my seat and was walking Bella up to her room. Her arms were wrapped around my neck and i kissed her cheek.

I laid her in bed and sat down next to her. Her eyes were beginning to droop. I was humming her lullaby and when I thought she was asleep, I began to get up and her eyes flew open.

"No Edward don't leave me," she pleaded. " If you leave I will have nightmares."

I sighed and then flashed her my crooked smile. I walked to her other side of her bed and laid down next to her. She moved closer to me and put her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her.

She sighed and then I knew it was about to begin. Her worrying.

"Edward-," before she could finish her sentence I kissed her. I pulled her on top of me and kissed her. After about three minutes or so I pulled back to let her breathe. I knew as long as I did that she wouldn't worry.

"Bella nothing is going to happen to you I promise that. If he even touches a hair on you, I will snap his neck in two. Bella I love you, and I swear I won't let anything happen to you."

I heard something outside and ignored it thinking it was an animal. But it was too loud for an animal. Just then the glass broke in her window and I protected Bella immediately.

Standing there was it . James stood there looking at Bella.

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It's not that long or not as good as the previous author wrote it as. If you like it I will write more . . -Samantha
Yeah Stevie Can help you she is great!
Good start for your first time! Do not doubt yourself. We all start off shaky on our first run. But, like they say, practice makes perfect and you are on the roll. I love this story and want to see it finished. Keep to it's appeal and def more detail would help your writing juices flow. Go for it!
omg that was so good.
write more! it was amazing!
please email me when you have the next bit up!
:D :D :D
this is fantastic.....pls don't stop....
Cool!NIce!Write more!!
This is GREAT I think everybody will agree keep going
Yuss! You Have To Write More! It Is Awesome!
pl kepp on going samatha plz.!
it is really good! i read lile the first half of the first one. soo good! :)

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