Bella's blood "sang" to Edward (Can vampire as it were "imprint" to someone?

I've been thinking about this one thing. 
Wolves has this so-called "imprint", as for example Jacob imprint to Renesmee. I remember that I had read at the books that Bella's blood "sang" to Edward. Edward can't live without Bella, he can't be away from her, (though he leaving Bella in New Moon because of her safety, but it almost cost both of them lifes), Bella is his whole world. Edward can't resist Bella's blood. Could a vampire as it were to "imprint" like as that wolves "imprint" example to a person with whom the genes can move forward best? I know that vampires can't reproduce with each other and that the vampires are, so to speak, increased their kind usually changing someone into a vampire. The idea here is not an increase own kind like in human or wolf way, but really "falling in love with somebody whos is perfectly suitable for you". As if Edward would become a vampire so that he would meet Bella, because Bella is Edward's soul mate. And just as Bella would have been suitable in all respects to be a vampire from the beginning. Bella never tanned, she has pale skin and Bella know what blood smells like (rusty), which Edward astonished said that a human can't smell the blood.
I have always thought that everything was created by the fate. Bella and Edward were made for each other. Edward waited for almost a century for her, and eventually they got each other forever.
I know this was a somewhat confusing description, I hope you all understood. :)
I'm just thinking about this as a pastime and thought I'd ask what you think?



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