In Breaking Dawn....why couldn't Edward read Bellas thoughts when he was inside her shield???? I know that she was abel at the end to push it entirely away from her self.  Edward could here her at the end, but does anyone else think that he should have been able to here her when he was inside it????? I do. Just a thought.

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Now that you mention it I can see what you are saying.
Perhaps because she didn't really push the shield away from herself at that time? She was shielding others but also herself too?
Now I am going to have to re-read that section! lol
On page 623 when Bella is in "practice" with her shield Edward says that he still can't hear her but he can hear Renesmee and he thinks that Kate could probably shock him too since she's under the umbrella as well. Hmmmm....
ok...I just read page 752. They are back at the cottage and she is trying to push her shield away so Edward can read her mind.
Bella says, "It still wasn't anywhere near as easy as shielding other people along with myself."

So, that line makes me think that even though she had everyone under her shield she was still protecting herself so that's why Edward couldn't read her mind at that time.
She never pushed her shield away from herself until the very end.
Because that shield has been protecting her mind all her life it is like attached its easier for her to keep it there then to force it away. The only way she can let Edward in is if she focuses on only that and when he was in the shield along with her she wasn't focusing on letting him read her mind she was focusing on protecting him and her daughter.

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