i want to know your opinion on bellas engagement ring. i personally think that it was nothing like the book and i didn't like it!!!

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I agree. I didn't care for it either, for the same reasons. Both of my grandmothers (who were MUCH poorer than Edward's mother would have been) had very beautiful wedding rings (vintage). But SM is the one who designed it and gave it the thumbs up. I'm just glad she doesn't design jewelry! ;) I still love SM and her books. We know where her real talent lays. I just hope the wedding dress is not over the top.
i dont like it its huge and it looks like sumthing u get for 25 cents outta those lil machines i dont like it at all :/ dusn't match the description its just old...and weird
I think it's too big...in the book it describes it as having a delicate, thin band! This looks too big!
i know that they did Not describe it to look like that ^^^. butt i guss they picked that ring. i think its ugly but, hey im not wearing it:]
I think the ring is pretty, maybe a bit big. Ring may not be fully in line with the description of the book, but it appears to me to still be beautiful and old-fashioned. Ring is a special one just like Edward. :) I remember that I cried with emotion when Edward proposed to Bella. *sigh* Edward's face was absolutely wonderful when Bella said yes to him. *smile*

I hope Edward and Bella all the best!!

Edward, take care of Bella and Renesmee. :)
I don't like the one they used/made for the movie. But I really like the one that infinite jewelry co made w/SM's help. It's the only official ring that you can buy. Someday I actually want to buy this one.

The one in the movie is too big & not as pretty. I don't know why they didn't just use one that that company created w/SM's help.

Here's the link to it: http://www.infinitejewelryco.com/product/bella-ring

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