Hi guys. I saw Eclipse and really loved it. Honestly, it was great. But I did get the feeling that it was sort of rushed, if you know what I mean. They left a LOT out but that's okay. They got most of it. one thing i noticed that they left out was Bella's wedding dress. i don't know if any of you remember...but there was this small scene at the end of Eclipse in the book where Alice pulls Bella into her closet and shows her the wedding dress. That was not in the movie. Although, i do kind of prefer it that way because I love the fact that it's a surprise now. That might have been a little too much if they did show it. Idk...

Tell me what you guys think about that one!!

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I've been thinking about this since I saw the movie on Tuesday night (midnight), but no-one else seemed to notice .... I was really looking forward to seeing the dress, even if only a glimse.... I think it would have given us all something to dream about while looking forward to BD. Oh well, we'll be happy with what they gave us, right? Otherwise, I liked the movie but wish there were more details from the book and some of the scenes were missing.

They could not show Bellas dress because if they just grab some wedding dress off the rack then we would remember and expect the same dress that we saw at the end. I think Ms. Meyer is probably going to be in charge of that and i am sure they are going to hire a designer to make it. It has to be something from Edwards era with a modern touch to it
i was really looking forward to the dress and when edward tells bella that she sexy!!! cuz he usually just calls her beautiful and stuff and that was the first time he called her sexy!!! but the movie was so good!!

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