What is your best moment from reding the Twilight series?

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Best moment... there are far too many! But the one that comes to mind immediately is in New Moon, once Bella, Edward and Alice come back from Italy, and meet the rest of the Cullens at the airport. It's when Jasper runs forward to Alice, and they just looked at each other, and it was a really private and beautiful moment. I think it's lovely, because it just shows their love - considering they weren't entirely sure they would see each other again, it's kind of like they can't believe the other is there. It's just beautiful!
The best moment is when...yeah THE best is TOO hard.

One of my favorites that I just reread was when Bella wakes up and hears Charlie and Alice talking about how Bella was when all of the Cullens were away. I loved that scene. It was something Alice needed to hear, and in turn, Edward, too. There are so many others but that was just one of those honest scenes that SM could have easily left out.
Honestly.. The entire series as a whole.
But one of my favourites which I'm sure is alot of people's favourites.. is in Eclipse when Bella tries to seduce Edward. LOL! When I read that part and I played the scene in my head.. it was just one of the funniest things ever!
LOVE that part. :)
I think one of my favorite moments was the first time Edward stayed the night in Bella's room, just holding her.
1. All the cafeteria scenes in Twilight
2. Meadow Scene
3. First Kiss
4. First time he sleeps over
5. Car ride to playing baseball
6. Lullaby scene
7. Biting and hospital
8. Port Angeles
9. When Edward leaves Bella (yea it's sad but I love it )
10. Saving Edward and when Bella wakes up thinking Edward wasn't real
11. Tent scene in Eclipse
12. Wedding
13. honeymoon
14. Last part where she let's Edward read her mind

Well that's all I can come up with on the spot !
toss up between when edward puts the ring on bellas finger and when their married and when he actually says "so the lion fell in love with the lamb"either way the way stephenie meyer describes how edward feels is so cute like in new moon when he said "saves me a trip to the jewelers" indifferently like he was trying to hide the overflow of emotions he felt as he saw that one day he and bella would be man and wife and they could spend eternity together forever. the marriage was the same the way he luks at his wife wit such luv. and when he told her he luved her that was basically wat this book series was about (him falling in luv wit her) so of course that was important.
The one that I like bst is in Twilight with the medow scene. I have read that over and over and over...
Baseball, ye this scene are very cool!!!! The Cullens are so unusual vampires but they playing baseball like real americans!!!
I love the entire saga tbh but moments that stand out for me have to be:

1) Meeting Edward for the 1st time.
2) Blood Typing
3) Port Angeles scene
4) The Meadow
5) Meeting Cullen's
6) First Kiss
7) Baseball
8) The Hunt
9) Prom
10) The Party Chapter
11) Edward Leaving Bella
12) All the moments where Bella does reckless things to hear Edward's voice.
13) Bella finding out Jacob is a Wolf
14) Laurent/Meadow
15) Alice's Return
16) Volterra and Volturi chapters
17) Edward and Bella's reunion
18) Edward's proposal
19) Tent moment where Jacob keeps Bella warm
20) The fight chapter's where Edward kills Victoria
21) The Wedding
22) Isle Esme
23) Bella's Pregnancy
24) Renesmee being born
25) Bella becoming a Vampire
26) The Volturi coming for Nessie
27) Bella showing her thoughts to Edward.


ah dont make me choose
When Jacob picked up Bella in his motorcycle at her school...luv it! "Not bad for a prison break, eh?" said Jacob.
THE BASE BALL SCENE!!! i love jasper in it. i love jasper anywayz. jasper plays base ball the best :)

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