What is your best moment from reding the Twilight series?

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There are so many great moment but some of the ones that I really loved was in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella and yeah I know it sad and all but I like it. I also liked the cliff diving chapter in New Moon and the chapter when she sees Carlile's car and Alice comes back. Then in Eclipse I like the tent chapter. Also in Break Dawn I love the wedding and I know this chapter is gross but when Bella gives birth and at the end Jacob imprints, I was so shocked the first time I read that. Also love reading when Bella first becomes a vampire.
MY FAV was in BD when bellas like, 'what do vampires do for fun? your not taking him to a strip club are you?'
I LOVE it after Bella punches Jacob and Edward has his little talk to Jacob.
ah such a tough question... i have lots...
1) THE TRUTH part of new moon ( edward and bella back from italy)
2) THE END ( edward leaving Bella in the woods
3) OCTOBER...NOVEMBER...DECEMBER...JANUARy ( that was genius writing... who knew names of months can make you cry...)
4) the meadow scene
5) blood typing scene
6) edward and jacob's exchanges of thoughts during the night before the Newborn and Victoria attacks
7) bella cliff jumping
8) bella saying goodbye to jacob ( the solomon story and the "i love you more") on eclipse
9) bella punching jacob in the face and the exchange of words between Jacob and edward after ( comical)
9)why didnt i just walk away? oh right, im an idiot! chapter of breaking dawn
10) jacob finding bella curled up in a ball alone in first beach TIED WITH Edward finding Bella crying on her jeep after saying goodbye.
uuhh I have more.... can i just say all?? ha!ha!ha!
the sex scene -honeymoon
when they give them the cottage-again another sex scene
their first kiss
the wedding
the day after the wedding
when bella drinks blood
bellas transformation
bellas firt kiss as a vampire
the arm-wrestling scene -plain lolage

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