Beyond the Fence

Chapter 1: Boredom

It was just another day in last period, seventh period. Ms. Luis' class, world geography. I wasn't paying attention. I mean no one was anyway. We were talking about Europe's government over the years... That's boring!

I was looking outside into the hot and humid Floridian landscape. There was a fence around the border of our school. No one knew why either. I was looking beyond the fence out into the woods. Something zoomed by the tree I was focusing on! I didn't know what it was and I gasped, everyone looked at me. I blushed. Ugh. " Ms. Carson are you going to disrupt my lecture again?" Ms. Luis asked. " No M'am." I said, rolling my eyes. "Thank you" She said. I wanted to slap her. She was so nerve-racking. My best friend sat in front of me, her name was Bree. And 2 of my other best friends were in this class along with me, McKenzie and Chelsea.

I kept looking out the window, and little blurs of black and blue flashed by the trees... I was so amazed, wondering what was going on.

The last bell finally rung, I grabbed my books and put them in my back pack and waited for Bree, Chelsea, and McKenzie by the door. We walked to the locker room, and grabbed the stuff we needed to bring home... I slammed my locker shut and turned around to see Chad Greene staring at me. "Hi?" I said, wondering what the freak he was wanting. I never talked to him. I mean we were friends but he has changed. A lot. " So.. Alice, I gotta ask you something." He replied, as he played with his long curly hair. " Uhm go on then?" I said, wishing he would hurry up. He looked nervous, I knew what he was wanting. " So, Alice. Would you um... like to... erm go out with me?" My prediction was right. I didn't know what to say... He was cute and everything but he was a total jerk. " I'll have to think about it." I mumbled. He smiled and replied, " Oh okay. Bye, I guess." I waved and went along with my day.

I had to walk 5 blocks to my house. About a 10 minute walk away from our local high school. I was thinking about the situation all the way home. Then I remembered, it was the last week of school. How would our relationship last throughout the whole summer... Would we ever see each other? I didn't know, I didn't know anything about dating and boyfriends. I had only had 1 throughout my life-span. And that was in fifth grade and it lasted like 2 weeks! I took my mind off all of the drama whenever someone knocked at my front door.

I looked out the window first, to make sure it wasn't a pervert or something. Nope, it was just my odd neighbor Evan. He didn't go to school.. even though he was my age, which was fifteen. " Hi. What do you want?" I asked. It was silent for a few seconds then he replied, " I know what is beyond the fence." I was shocked. Wow, this weird-o actually knew. He was probably joking. But, wait! How did he know I was wondering about what is beyond the fence? " I'll show you tommorow after school. Bye." He added. Then he walked on back to his house across the street.

I then made up my mind about Chad. I sent him a text saying," Yes."


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pretty good
i love the name bree lol the short second life of bree tanner
rite another chapter
O.K Breanna! :P lol.

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