Chapter 2: Into the opening

The next day, I hung out with Chad and my friends. Chad was actually nicer that I thought he would be... Things would change I thought. After school I saw Evan by the gate that went on to the track. " Hi. " I said. "Hey." He replied. "So.. You know about the fence?" I asked. He nodded. "Well... Are you gonna show me?" I said impatiently. "Yes. Follow me" We walked past the gate and past the track into the woods. There was a tiny opening in the woods where all the weeds and trees were cleared out. We walked through it. We didn't talk either, which was creeping me out. We finally stopped in an area where it was shady and breezy and there was 6 other people I didn't know standing there. They were hissing, and I was about to laugh my butt off! " Is this a joke, or something?" I laughed. One of the girls tried to jump at me, but Evan pushed her back. " Chill you guys, I've known her all my life." Evan demanded to them. It was 3 guys and 3 girls. " I'll introduce them to you as soon as they calm down." Evan whispered in my ear. They then stood straight, their posture was amazing, which is a weird thing to notice. There wasn't a flaw in any of their faces. They were beautiful. " From left to right..." Evan started " Sammie, Dani, Kindle, Nick, Ethan, and Jake. " Sammie had black long hair that went to the end of her back, she had a short white elegant dress on. Dani had curly brown hair that was tied up in a bun, she was wearing skinny jeans a V-neck pink shirt. Kindle had red shoulder length hair with a bow in it and she was wearing a purple dress with a brown belt. Then the boys, they were absolutley handsome! Sorry, Chad. Nick was tall like 6 foot 5 or something I was only 5 foot 3. He had short shaggy brown hair.Ethan had blonde swept back hair. And Jake had black spikey hair. " Hi." said Sammie she sounded nice. Nobody else said "Hey" or "Hi" so I felt very unwelcome. Dani kept giving me" the eye" and Kindle just smiled but didn't say anything.

"Soo..." Nick said. " Evan wants you..." He went on. It sounded perverted then he finished. " In our little group. You game?" I was confused what in the heck what he talking about? "Nick, I haven't even told her what we are yet!" Evan said. "You guys shouldn't just go around saying you want people to be one of us!" Dani screamed. " I didn't want to be one... And yet I had to be." Kindle patted Dani's back, and Dani calmed down. " We are... uhm. We are... erm, uh..." Evan contined. " Go on." I said, wondering what in the world was going on! " We're vegitarian vampires..." I laughed! " Oh, like in that Twilight book, you've got to be kidding me! If you're just big Twilight fans say it. Cause I am to, you shouldn't be ashamed." I explained. " No Alice, I'm serious."Evan said, and he touched my shoulder.

" Okay. You guys are crazy!" I yelled. " I'm outta here." I started walking otu of the woods. They let me walk a few feet then I heard them talking, then they had me pinned down onto the leafy and dirty ground. " What.. are you guys.. doing!" I struggled to say, while trying to squirm out of their grip. " Oh, you'll see." Jake said with a big grin on his face. It looked like Evan was trying to bite my neck. "No!" I yelled.

Then everything went black... .

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