Who do you think is better for Sookie?

Who do you find the most interesting/attractive?

I know I'm behind most of you in reading the books and watching the HBO episodes (but I'm rapidly devouring the books). So I didn't really understand before when fans said they thought Eric was so great because (having seen only Season 1 so far), Eric was a kind of meh for me.

But now that I've read most of the books, I can see why fans find Eric attractive. He's such a dynamic character, and he takes care of Sookie (when he isn't putting her in absurdly dangerous situations).

So, what do y'all think?

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I just can't see how they are gonna make the betrayal by Bill so tramatic, in the books Bill and Sookie's relationship seems colder and more sexually driven...in the shows they are very lovey..I am for Bill because he may have been hired at first but he tells her it turned into more than that...hmm I just can't see them not together, Basically they are gonna have to do alot to convince the audience of Bills deception, whereas is the book you almost see it coming
I pick Eric over Bill anyday!!! I just finished the 7th book and cant wait to start with the 8th,I just have it on order,cause its not available in South Africa yet!! But I cant wait to see what happens,in a way (or more than 1) i hope Sookie and Eric end up together!!!!
MMMMMM Eric....shower scene....dead to the world....need I say more?

After reading all the books, Bill can suck it lol! I don't know yet if I perfer Eric..more of a Quinn kinda girl!




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