David presses his lips on mine fiercly before saying "I love you . . . never forget that." He handed me the knife that he had told me about before.

      That it would insure that I would make it. I took it and placed it to my abdomen. I aplide slight presure, but it did not break the skin. I pushed hard and the pain was horrable, I started to cry, I looked to David with scared eyes and mouthed 'Help.' And just like that he layed his hand on the knife and kissed me again but this time just a peck. He closed his eyes and the pain suddenly vanished.

      I felt like I was closing my eyes, but soon realized that I was dieing. Soon all I saw was blackness but just as quick if not quicker I saw David and me. David had his head bowed over my body then looked straight at me and said "Go on, I'll see you when you get back." a slite smile came apon his face and he waved good bye. As soon as I realized that I was flying I was already half way across the ocean and could see the island. It was just as it was discribed in the book. I saw a wolf on the shore, and with him were two pups. It was obvious that the larger one was not related to the two pups but she was cleaning them as if they were. An indian walked by and the wolves continued as if he weren't even there. I flew close to see if they would react differently if it were a stanger. They did nothing.

      I ran up to the gentleman who had just walked by to ask him if he could help me get where I needed to go "Sir can you help me?"

      He looked back to me with curius eyes and asked "How may I help you?" in a much deeper voice then I would have put with how young he looked.

    "I'm looking for Wolff."

     He smiled and put out his hand. I hesitated not sure but then I took his hand "I am Wolff."


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**~Special Thanks To: Ness, and Sudeeptha, Thanks for the help~**

                                                                With Love To All Twifan Members,

                                                                                                               Calla & David



 ~Sorry if there are any misspelled words, we do not have word check~

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that is awnsome dude
ness: It's really good, although the word 'slite' is spelled 'slight'
wow i just cant wait for more e-mailme when u have the next chapter:)
hi Calla... pretty good. I like the last part. But in all honesty there were a few spelling issues... I know we all have them, but most of them would be caught by a spell check in word :-) Keep at it and develop your wonderful story




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