My mind raced as long as my body. The foginess of this dream made everything seem much more real. I was running with unbelievable speed in a field of black rose. Some of them would have little droplets of red blood, which made it much more hard to resist stopping and sniffing them.

" Lila its ok. Does it hurt anymore" i knew that voice. It was the voice i had been longing for. Two hands land on both my shoulders trying to calm my shaking body. I hadnt realized the pain had stopped. My eyes pop open with curosity and fear. I wasn't ready for what i was going to see or how different everything felt. Edward's beautiful deep Black eyes stared down at me, and i could tell he was somewhat concerned and relieved at the same time. I blink a few times before i realize his touch felt normal, not ice cold.

" it worked?" i ask a bit surprised that my voice even sounded a bit different.

" it did" Edward whispers before he kisses my forehead. I smile and sits up looking at the worried faces and defended stances.

" whats going on? Why are you all standing like that?" i ask confused. My gaze moves to Edward as i look down. I knew. I was dangerous and it was only a matter of time before that unstopable thirst and rage kicked in.

Hey i know its short but you get the idea. If you want to be in it just comment below and tell me the description. Thank you for reading

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LOVE IT SIS!!!! I want to be it it please!!!! With quill tooo !! <3

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