this is part one of my continuatioin of Midnight Diamond. Please comment and let me know what you think!!!!!!!!

Part 1.

Only a handful things in life really matter; family, friends, and love are a few I see when I think about it. I was lucky; I had all three.

Things had pretty much gone back to normal after the whole Micha thing. Almost two months had gone by since I staked the blood-thirsty killer, and I was surprised at how easy it was to get back in the swing of things -well as easy as it was a for a new blood, thats what Owen called me since I was a new vampire. I wasn't sure if it was a technical name or just something he came up with.-- I had practically been living with Owen the past few months, throwing in an occasional visit to my dads, I mean I couldn't completely cut him out of my life; even if being around him made me salivate. When Tiffany was released from the hospital she went on another “family vacation” with her mom and grandma. I figured they would train her to deal with situations like the one on the beach, but she didn't tell me a lot about it.

I got used to hunting animals but there were times when I had to grasp on to all the humanity I had left. I soon discovered that Tiffanys blood did not appeal to me. I'm not sure if it was the witch thing or the fact that she was practically my sister and I could never see her that way. It pleased me that I didn't have a desire to drain her of life, like I did with so many other of my human friends. I hadn't even been able to go back to school, Owen had been getting my school work and bringing it back to the apartment, so I could still graduate on time. But he said it was to dangerous for me to be around so many humans. I tried to convince him that I would be fine, but he wouldn't budge.

Tiffany often visited Owens apartment just to keep me filled in on the world outside of my new home. Allison Hill had gotten her tongue pierced and Jason Kendrick got a new truck. She also told me about how almost everyone kept asking her where I was, or if I had died. Rumors still flowed but not as if it really made a difference. After graduation I would never see most of those people again.

It was the middle of July and since we were a fairly small town, our school year was kind of different. The seniors would graduate in the middle of August instead of the middle of June. And I still had tons of work to catch up on and only about three and half weeks to do so. I knew I could do it. But I've ben so busy the past couple of weeks that I had only fed about twice and I could feel every part of my body weakening.

“It's almost seven and the sun is just about set, would you like to hunt?” Owen asked as he walked into the kitchen were I was doing my homework.
“I would like nothing more than that.” I closed my book and stood to look at him. He touched the skin right below my eye.
“Wow, how long has it been?” He asked as his hand fell. I looked away and he turned my face back towards him.
“ 'Bout four days.” I said a little embarrassed.
“What did I tell you? If you don't feed often enough then you will be weak and more tempted to kill a human.” He said it like he was scorning a pet rather than talking to a person, well sort of a person.
“I know but I've been so busy with homewo-”
“I don't care if you've been chatting with the Queen of England through skype, If you don't feed then it's bad for everyone.” He had cut me off with his little burst, but I knew he was right.
“I'm sorry, sometimes I forget what it's like to be a student trying to graduate, but I was never a new blood while I did it. I'll have to try hard to remember that.” He said as he cupped my face in his hand.
“It's fine, I know that I need to feed but sometime it's just hard to manage everything and keep myself healthy.” I said as I picked up my jacket from the back of the kitchen chair where I was setting. I put it on and Owen and I left to get some much needed food.

We ran on foot to our usual spot to hunt. I always preferred to run, cars now seemed so slow and unnecessary. When we arrived at the edge of the woods that Tiffany and I had gone to when she revealed to me what she was, I stopped and let the sounds around me swirl into one so I could hear my prey better. There was a small family of deer to the east, but something bigger and more vascular to the west. I guessed it was a bear. I looked at Owen and took off west to hunt my next meal, and Owen went east. He fed a lot more often than I did so he could get by on a couple of deer, but I on the other hand hadn't fed in days so I needed something with more nutrients. Owen had been surprised at how fast I had caught on to hunting, and I really didn't know why it came so naturally to me. I was finishing the rest of my bear and I heard Owen walking up behind me. I dropped my kill and turned around.

“What?” I asked as I wiped the remaining blood off of my face.
“I don't know, it's just I didn't really expect you to get so good at this so fast. I didn't start catching animals that big until about a month ago, and you're already sliming the bear race.” A small smile crossed his face.
“If it makes you feel any better I don't know why I'm good at this either.” I started to walk towards him.
He touched the skin under my eye again. “All better.” He said as he kissed my forehead.
“Let's go home.” He laced his fingers through mine and we took off back towards the apartment.

We were back at the apartment and while waiting for the elevator Owen quickly turned his head and got really anxious.

“What?” I asked looking in the same direction he was staring in.
“There's someone in the apartment.” I then wore the same expressions he did; fear, anger, and anticipation. He grabbed my hand and we darted off up the stairs. I knew the two of us were faster on our feet, rather than wait on the elevator. We burst through the door expecting to see a killer vampire waiting with a steak trying to kill us both. But, instead we saw Tiffany setting on the couch. Owen immdiently calmed down but, I could tell he was pissed.

“What are you doing here?!” Owen screamed. He had dropped my hand and took a few steps in Tiffanys direction, she stood up as we walked through the door.

I couldn't really tell what Tiffany was feeling. But the look on her face wasn't good.
“Jeez Owen calm down, I'm just here to see Carlie. Ya know you really shouldn't leave your door unlocked.” She said as she smiled.

“I didn't.” Owen said as a curious look took over his face.

“Oh, well yea maybe I used my new powers to just..... let myself in.” she said making her fingers do a little walking impression. Owen exhaled deeply and walked back to our room and slammed the door.
I walked over and sat on the couch and patted the seat next to mine so Tiffany would sit down. She did an continued with her story about magic.
“So mom and granny were working with me for the past couple of weeks with my powers and I've learned a lot of new things.” She said

“Like what I asked.” With tons of curiosity in my voice.
“Ok. Well right now Owen is thinking about your first night as a vampire.”
“Cool, you can read minds through walls now.” I said with a smile.
“ Well not just through walls. Now all the voices in the room and near it are just all jumbled up in my head and all I have to do is figure out whose is whose. Owens thoughts have the same voice as when he talks, so it's easy to tell what's him and what's you.”
“That's awesome. So what else did they teach you?” I asked

“Watch this,” She said as she readjusted herself. She took the ring off of her first finger and placed it in the palm of her hand. Tiffany looked at it long and hard. It lifted from her hand and hovered there for a few seconds and fell. She exhaled in relief and slid the ring back on her finger.
She had been practicing, that was amazing. “That was amazing!” I exclaimed
“Yea I know, I heard your thoughts.” She said while smiling.
I laughed “Sometimes I forget you can do that.”

She looked at the door and back at me. “I have to go.” Then she got up and walked out. No reason, no goodbye. I didn't know what was up but, she didn't stay to explain. I wasn't really going to worry about it.
I got up to walk go the bedroom where Owen was. He was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling with a thoughtful look on his face, I hoped on the bed and sat on him. A smile crossed his mouth, he leaned up grabbed my face and pulled me down on him. His kiss was just as warm as the first night we were together. We rolled over and he was on top of me and he took his shirt off. I squirmed, took mine off and threw in the floor. I knew where this was going, I liked it. He brought his face back down to mine and moved it to my neck. I loved being this close to him. I was all in the moment then all of a sudden I felt his teeth sink into my neck. I hopped up from under him and pulled the blanket over my half naked chest.

“What was that?!” I yelled. He looked like he didn't know why I was upset.
“What was what?” he asked
“You....... You bit me!” I said still shocked
“Yea.. and ?” He was still breathing heavy
“Why...... why would you do that?” I couldn't believe he was being so coy about this.
He laughed a little. “It's very popular with vampire couples. Very intimate, sensual. Some vampires think it makes them closer as mates. Others just think that it's fun and they like to just do it.” He said propping himself up on his elbow.
“Oh,” I felt kind of stupid for freaking out. It wasn't like I was going to turn again. “I'm sorry for freaking out. It was just kind of surprising.” I said a little embaressed

“It's ok. If it makes you feel any better, I've never done that to anyone before. I think that's a good sign.” Owen said, all smiles.

“You know, it didn't feel too bad.” It really didn't, it just caught me by surprise. I readjusted myself to where I was setting on top of him again.

“Oh really.” He said teasingly and we picked up where we left off.

* * *

I loved waking up in Owens' arms, it was a feeling I would never get tired of. In the back in my mind I was wondering what made Tiffany leave in such a hurry. I pushed it back further, I would save it for another day. What did I have to worry about, Micha was dead, Owen and I were together and she was learning new witch stuff almost every day. There couldn't be any thing else to worry about, could there?

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