Blue night! 


"Rosy" I heard my foster mother call 
I ran to her. She was already drunk and it's only 9am. My baby brother was in his room looking at me scared. That's when I saw it. My brother's eye what bruised. I ran to him. Hold him close. 

"let me look at your face sweetie please" 
He held still for me. 
" who did this to you ?" 
"m m mom. I didn't get her drink fast enough. She flip out rosy. I'm sorry I'll be good. I won't do it again." 
I rocked him back and forth. I let him cry into me.
" it wasn't your fault sweetie. Just stay in here ok? Tonight we are out of here. Do you understand?"
He slowly nod his head. I Kissed his cheek. Laid him in bed put ice on his eye.
"sleep mason your going to need it." 

I walked out of his room. I slapped my faster mother across the face. She stumbled a bit.
" you little b**** your going to regret you ever did that." 
She came closer n closer to me. She slapped me across the faced. Pulled my hair n throw me across the room I hit my head face first into the wall, my nose started bleeding. She came over to me and kicked me in the ribs I screamed out in pain. She walked away n sat down in the chair n started drinking again. I finally was able to crawl the bathroom, I got cleaned up packed some clothes, books and phone. I walked out the room and manage to get to masons room. I packed all his clothes n his favourite toys. I woke him up wrapped him in his blanket grabbed him and the bags and ran, ran as fast as we could away from that faster mother and her boyfriend. 

I found a little building. It was empty and run down. To be honest it needed a paint job 
I laid mason on a blanket, wrapped his blankey around him with his teddy, and rocked him to sleep. I stayed up all night thinking about what we going to do. 

First thing in the morning we catch a train to new Zealand. Get a room in a cheap hotel. Make sure mason it ok, take care of him then try n find a job. Watch mason sleep all night scared for him. He doesn't deserve this. He deserves a nice lovely home, with loving parents. I wish I could give that to him 

My first part of my story. I know it's abit depressing but I promise you it will get better. Hope you like 

Ashley <3

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