I really think stephanie meyer should re-write breaking dawn based on Edwards view of what happens..I mean we would get to know all he was thinking about during the whole time...That  would be so amazing....Pleasse do it stephanie meyer.

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It would be amazing if stephie wrote it from edwards piont of view please do it!! Love you Robert Pattisnon forever and always!! xxxxxxxx
i think SM should write an Edward's breaking dawn cuz i really want to see the fatherly part of him
I agree. It would be more interesting than Midnight Sun. But New Moon really wouldn't be all that hard, the whole series would be great but I think we're going to be lucky just to get Midnight Sun.
I completely agree with you. I would love to read the entire series from Edward's POV. I love hearing what he's thinking so much more than what Bella is thinking. I would also like to know what was going through his mind when he was brooding and being silent for the three days after Bella's Birthday party and what he was thinking when he was saying good-bye to her in the woods. I would also like to know what was going through his mind during the six months that he was away from Bella and how he was fighting with himself to come back to "check up on her". I would also LOVE to read Eclipse from his POV and know what he thought when she kept telling him that she wouldn't marry him but that she still wanted him to change her and also what he thought when she was spending time with Jacob.

Finally I would really LOVE to read Breaking Dawn from his POV because I want to know what he thought when she was walking down the aisle toward him, her dancing with Jacob at the wedding (and what he thought of Jacob's reaction to the Honeymoon, if he was just as nervous as she was that first night on Isle Esme, what was going through his head the next morning and the whole week that he was trying to keep her distracted and wearing her out, what he thought when she woke up in the middle of the night and basically attacked him, what he was thinking when she told him that she was pregnant and what he really thought when they got off the plane and she ran into Rose's arms.

I think book two should be from Roses' POV as she was helling Bella and the baby and if he real intentions were to let her die so she could have the baby for herself.

I think book three should go back to Edward's POV and how he felt when Bella was going through her transformation (while he was having to listen to Jacob's imprinting on Nessie and then Jacob and Rose fighting over Nessie, how he felt and what was going through his mind when Bella first opened her eyes to her new life and if he thought she hated him for doing that to her even though she kept saying that that is what she wanted, how he felt when they when on their first hunt together and his reaction to he running away from the smell of the humans, how he felt the first night they were together again and he didn't have to hold back anymore because he knew that he couldn't break her, what he really thought of Alice leaving, if he really thought that there was no hope of survival, what he thought Bella was keeping from him, what was going through his head as he looked at Bella that last time and "how she thought he must have more hope than he let on about life after this because she couldn't see a good-bye anywhere in his eyes" and then what he thought as the Volturi walked into the clearing and he heard what they were planning on doing, what he thought when he realized that Bella was even more powerful than he thought when Chelsea couldn't find their bonds to break them, when he saw how big he sheild really was, and how he felt when he heard Alice come back with another hybrid and he knew that the Volturi would have to give up and finally how he felt and what he really thought when he heard Bella's mind for the first time.

I know that the books would be A LOT longer because he over thinks everything and everything that he hears around him. Even though I'm not a big reader I personally wouldn't mind (actually I would absolutely LOVE to read these books) because ever since I read Twilight I haven't been able to put the series down. It took me a day to read Twilight because I couldn't put it down, even though I needed to sleep.I was the same for New Moon - it took me a day to read that one too. Eclipse took me a little longer but I still couldn't put the book down and I read the whole thing in one sitting without sleep. It took me around 36 hours. Breaking Dawn took me 2 days without sleep to read because again I couldn't put it down.

Even thought I have re-read the books many times I still have the problem of not being able to put them down and stop reading to go to sleep. I know that reading the books from Edward's POV would be even harder but I really want to read them. I have become absolutely enthralled with Edward and his mind and I keep hoping and praying that SM will finish and publish Midnight Sun so I can know more about Edward and how he thinks. From what I have read of it already on SM's website, I am literally drooling for more.

Malina Hansen said:
I would love it if she would do the entire series from Edward's POV. I adore Midnight Sun. It's my favorite of the books she has written for sure. I like it better from his perspective. However, I do think that if we didn't have it all from Bella's perspective, it wouldn't have the same appeal. We love him because Bella loves him. So, the fact that she made his POV after hers has really made it was it is. Anyway, BD would be great from his perspective. I hope she does it. I worry she won't even finish Midnight Sun though. Come on Stephenie. Say you will! We LOVE EDWARD! :)

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