Who else can't wait? Well I know I can't. Ever since Twilight I have been intrigued with the whole story. The whole thing is brilliant! I couldn't think of any other way to put it, I love the whole romance between new comer Bella Swan, she is the character that set the whole story line it all fell in line when she met Edward. She being introduced to the Cullen's made the whole story take off, Bella was absolutely clueless about vampires till she had the little incident with Edward after he saved her from the group of guys. She quickly got her suspicions and had to research it, till she finally got it right, she took in her breath and sucked it up and confronted Edward. She leaving to the woods while Edward follows, she brings it up "I know what you are" then Edward knows that she has figured out that he is a vampire. He demands that she say it aloud "say it!" He commands and I'm thinking when I first saw it was like "GOD!" I was so like "b**** say what" but that was four years ago, anyways Bella feels like "b**** hold on, I'm trying to process that your a f****** vampire."

    Edwards very you know bitchy in Twilight its like all of a sudden he knows anything and everything about Bella. Ok enough with Edward let's talk about Jacob! Ok ok who's team Jacob?? Well I wasn't in Twilight I was all like "ooh sparkly vampire, me likey!" and I like hated Jacob, then f*** when He got his sexy tattoo and hair cut I fell in love. Jacob was the most attractive person I have ever seen, yeah Edward was alright but hell Jacob was one fine man.

    Back to Jacob, when he was shirtless I swear I heard everybody scream like he was some god or something, well he is let me tell you I wasn't obsessed as much of you are back then but, being obsessed isn't good its a little crazy. Actually a lot crazy if you really had the nerve to camp out all night, or stalk the stars that's a little physicist. 

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