Breaking Dawn R18+ Don't read if you haven't read Breaking Dawn.

I was thinking today, when Breaking Dawn becomes a movie, if it was made exactly the same as the book (which it can't because it would go forever) that it would probably be R rated.
There is some nudity (When bella is looking at herself and the feathers after she and Edward 'sleep together' for the first time and when Jared comes to speak to Jake and he phases back with with no shorts) and there are alot of sex scenes (which also conatin nudity). Yes, this would be easy to skip but these are the events that occur in the book. Some of the stuff is pretty gruesome like when Bella has that fountain of blood coming out of her mouth and if the Volturi did decide to fight, there would be alot of violence. If the Volturi do not fight it will ruin the movie. Have there been any movies when a potentially huge battle was negotiated by talking?
They cannot really skip the love scenes as they do in the book. I mean, how boring would that be.

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I'm with Morgaine Chya..There doesn't have to be nudity to make a hot love scene..But I wouldnt mind seeing a lil of RP's back side..LOL..If it didnt show anything else

But you have to realize that there are alot of 14 and 16 year old watchers and It does'nt need to be to graphic..But 'm hoping that they do stay true to the book......
I agree i think that the movie has to be at least a 15(or whatever its called in america) because if it were to be anything less then lots of the best bits would be skipped, they skipped some bits in twilight that would have made the film better if they were there So Breaking Dawn needs them. although you can't expect the actors to go nude.Even if lots of people would want that! The film has to have a higher certificate. it may mean that younger kids cant watch it, but the books were aimed at an older. and its the only way to get better bits in. like the mass of blood from bellas mouth. but the 'fight' should stay as it was. an agreement. not a fight. it should be kept like the books.
and what fan would disagree with the film being made 3 hours long? not me!
sorry but some of us aint grown ups and we know what goes on in the book do you thnk were stupid or something ? im sorry ive just realised ill be 15 when it comes out but still

Kimberley Cullen said:
I want to know what was Bella doing when Edward took apart the Head Board, PG-13 has pushed the envelope a lot with sex, I would rather have this movie rated R for us grown ups, who understand what's going on in the book.
I think that it needs to be NC-17 hahahahahaha but word on the street is that it might be a two part movie so we can dream and hope and hope and dream and maybe just maybe we might see some naked Edward hahahahahaha ok i can dream.
i agree with bouclette because (although i wont be able to see it when it comes out) they should stick to the books.... sry 18 and under crowd (my self included) if they create a fight with the volturi im going to sue!!!! and protest and send hate mail lol..... but really i will!!!!!!!
lol 18 and under just take your moms with you they need to be enlightened lol
tey'll find a way, and they dont even fight in it really, it all gets sorted out first, and just because their naked doesnt mean the cameras would show that part of them.
i jsut wanted a booty shot lol thats all!
i really hope the movie be as close as it gets from the movie ..and they dont cut all the love scenes but its doesnt have to include all these nudity we can skip that part :)
Amen to that! I was thrilled when I found out she wasn't doing New Moon. I wanted so badly to see the "Blood Bio" scene. Maybe it wasn't crucial but I always wonder what it would've been like on the screen ya' know? The quality itself of Twilight was great, the relation to the book is what made it well...not the greatest, could've been a LOT better. Too late now I suppose lol. All we can do now is hope for the best in the next three! And I'm sure they will be AMAZING!!

Amanda Tiernan said:
i agree.. i think cathrine hardwicke did an okay job but i won't say i wasn't disappointed. she changed several things. i dont think it has to be identical to the book, but somethings are necessary... thank god for new directors

Chauntelle Cullen said:
Hardwicke did not stick with the book in my opinion! Nowhere in the book did they kill off Charlies life long friend. Nowhere in the movie did they show Edward walking Bella to class. Bella EARNED seeing Edward in the sun, it was not forced on her and the meadow is where they fell in love, it could have been more by the book .. if she and the cast had read the series BEFORE they started filming.....
I doubt they will show the WHOLE sex scenes, if they show any part of them at all. What I wonder about is the part where Bella walks out to the water completely naked. Are we going to see a naked Kristen? I doubt it, but a girl can dream right? Might up the man audience a bit, haha. I'm all for nudity, but I will love and appreciate it either way because I know they're just that good, skin or no skin, they won't disappoint us. We shall see my friends, we shall see. =]
I really think that they shouldnt leave any of those scenes out but I dont think they should make it too Graphic because of some of these kids do like it just as much as we do...but i think they should leave any of those scenes out..

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