Breaking Dawn R18+ Don't read if you haven't read Breaking Dawn.

I was thinking today, when Breaking Dawn becomes a movie, if it was made exactly the same as the book (which it can't because it would go forever) that it would probably be R rated.
There is some nudity (When bella is looking at herself and the feathers after she and Edward 'sleep together' for the first time and when Jared comes to speak to Jake and he phases back with with no shorts) and there are alot of sex scenes (which also conatin nudity). Yes, this would be easy to skip but these are the events that occur in the book. Some of the stuff is pretty gruesome like when Bella has that fountain of blood coming out of her mouth and if the Volturi did decide to fight, there would be alot of violence. If the Volturi do not fight it will ruin the movie. Have there been any movies when a potentially huge battle was negotiated by talking?
They cannot really skip the love scenes as they do in the book. I mean, how boring would that be.

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They just need to find a way to stick to the book without being TOO graphic. Stephanie skipped the details in the book, So I'm sure they can skip the details in the movie without throwing anything off. It will be great. I have faith! =D

I would love to see some naked Bella though, not gonna lie, and I could so see Kristen agreeing to that lol.

Eh, Oh well.
If thay don't make it a R rated film then thay should do like other film's do and make one not rated when thay bring it out on DVD so we can have some headbored breaking pillow biteing going on.Plus it's not hard to understand the sex scene's in the book. Hell kid's today see more action on just a reg TV show's so why cant thay put some in a movie? look at the shows like familyguy and its a cartoon.
Hardwick didn't stick with the book every out take on the dvd's are out of the book she took all of what was in the book and cut it out.Plus there is no Ben .It doesn't say Bella talks in her sleep and when Edward stays the night with her when she put's her head on his chest he look scared in the books he hold's Bella and when thay have lunch togeter the first time and i would have loved to see the part where Bella passes out in science class she left alot of the book out.

Chauntelle Cullen said:
Hardwicke did not stick with the book in my opinion! Nowhere in the book did they kill off Charlies life long friend. Nowhere in the movie did they show Edward walking Bella to class. Bella EARNED seeing Edward in the sun, it was not forced on her and the meadow is where they fell in love, it could have been more by the book .. if she and the cast had read the series BEFORE they started filming.....

Morgaine Chya said:
They don't have to show nudity to make a hot love scene.

SM didn't grahically explain their nudity, so I thnk it could be filmed so it wasn't explicit.

The scene I'm concerned about in NM is the feeding-on-tourists scene at the Voluri's. SM didn't go into great detail but she let us know the gruesomenes going on, anyway,

Hardwicke was able to stick with the book, cut out enough soit could come in under 2 hours, and still made a great movie. We'll see if the NM director can be as effective.
I don't really see a big problem. The books aren't to explicit also. We know they're naked and ofcourse we know what's going on but it's not really described in the books. So some good camera angles and blurryness can do it.

And Renesmee, prolly CGI will come to the rescue there. They'll find a way, after all they know the business and possibilities for manipulating images.

And as for someone who mentioned the feeding of the Volturi. It's only said in the book that the tourists are brought in and led into a room. Bella guesses then they are the food but she doesn't see it happen. She can hear noise yes but that's it.

Personally I think ripping heads and arms off is a bit more violent but nobody seems to have problems with that.
I agree with the people saying that there are worse movies out rated suitable for youngsters then BD actually can bring.
I think the reality is when reading Breaking Dawn for me at least the words and emotions fill my mind with the images of what is written in text!!!!!!

S M kept it very simple, but alluring at the same time giving us the readers the power to play it out in our minds!!!! so talented and gifted she surely knows how to write seductively and empower us the readers..........

I just hope that they fulfill the book into the film at its full potential as it was written!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
im 14 and i understand wats going on on in the book !:L

Kimberley Cullen said:
I want to know what was Bella doing when Edward took apart the Head Board, PG-13 has pushed the envelope a lot with sex, I would rather have this movie rated R for us grown ups, who understand what's going on in the book.

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