Hey all! So i just finished the new book about Bree Tanner... what did everyone think of it?

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I LOVED IT !!! I didn't think Stephenie could make us love other characters but she did it again. It was full of vampire blood and loss. I LOVED IT A LOT !
I read it in 3 and a half hours (hahah sad I know) It took me back to when I was reading the twilight books and I was just so into the book I couldn’t keep my head out!! I felt the same about 'The short second life of Bree tanner' I loved it and thought it gave a great dynamic to eclipse and a different perspective other than Bella’s. I am so glad I read it I think it will help you understand what is going on and therefore will enjoy eclipse a little bit more  Thankyou Stephanie!!
***************WARNING SPOILER****************
(New information) I didn’t know that the Volturi ordered Riley and Victoria to kill the Cullens!!! And also I know I have to read over breaking dawn again but was Fred asked to come help fight with the cullens? Cause I now understand where he fit’s in!!
haha i read it in 3 hours too! I loved how everything tied together at the end i couldn't put it down!!!

i just looked he wasn't in breaking dawn, how awesome would it have been if he had made an appearance. the whole volturi thing totttally blew my mind too! i couldn't believe that had happened!!!!!
absoluteley LOVED it; definitely good to read before seeing Eclipse. I am sure I will have to read it a few more times before Eclipse comes out.
yeah i was reading it and i was thinking it would be interesting to get into rileys head to see what he really knew since this was more of a well maybe that happened or he could have really done that his twisted story might be a nice addition
I agree by the end I cared so much for bree that I wanted so baddly for her to make different choices and not go to the clearing. I cried knowing her fate.
I just got the book the other day and haven't read it, i will tonight.
it was good, but I was left wanting more. I was sad for Bree.
>>>>>Warning Spoiler>>>>>>
I was sad that Diego died and mad at the Volturi.

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