Dad, Jasper, Jacob, and Emmett had just finished arranging all the furniture on main floor when Grandma came in from the kitchen, saying that dinner was ready, not that it affected anyone but me and Jacob. But we all went into the kitchen and sat at a large glass dining table. That was one thing about Esme; she did have a knack for finding beautiful furniture. Around the glass table were ten large, white cushioned chairs. The walls were cream colored, with rich burgundy curtains, and a dark wood floor. Everything had white or dark red accents and looked perfect, except for the wolf shoveling food down his throat. Most of us were used to it by now, but Rosalie still looked on with disgust.

“Pig.” She said, loudly enough for even him to hear (which still wasn’t that loud).

“Huh,” he mumbled through the drumstick he was tearing apart “I ‘ought I ‘aw a ‘awg.”

“What?” Bella asked through a chuckle.

“He said he thought he was a dog.” Dad supplied, having read his thoughts, and laughed. Rosalie just sneered and turned back to Emmett, who was rubbing her back.

While Jacob and I ate, the others carried on their own conversations. Mom and Dad were talking in whispers, remembering their last encounter with high school; Rosalie and Emmett were giggling about something that I thought I really did not want to know about; and Jasper was listening to Alice talk about the latest fashions she had found. I just ate quietly, watching Jacob.

Jacob and my relationship had changed over the years. When I was a baby, he was my protector. He had eyes only for keeping me safe and happy. Since I was few years old, about the equivalent of nine human years to the present, he’s been my best friend. We talk about everything, from me to him to hunting to Dad being way overprotective to all things personal and everything that isn’t. And even when we weren’t talking, we have always been perfectly happy just being in each other’s company. And even though I love that and don’t want it to change, part of me wants more. Alice says it’s because I’m becoming a teenager, and tells me to just give it time. Dad usually just glares and tells me I’m too young. Jacob, well, he doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m growing up, physically or mentally.

Dad pulled me out of my daydream, growling from across the table. Everyone was watching me, even Jacob who had finished eating his half a turkey, knowing that Dad must have heard me thinking something he didn’t like. Which they all knew meant I was thinking about Jacob.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, blushing as I took one last bite of chicken before handing the rest to Jacob. He smiled, squeezing my leg gently under the table. God did he even realized what his touch did to me now?

Dad growled again, louder, and stared at Jacob. Jacob blushed, but just shrugged his shoulders.

“I guess now would be as good as time as any,” Grandpa interrupted when Jacob had finished off my dinner.

“We’ve done this before,” Emmett said, “We all know the routine.”

“Not all of us.” Jacob threw in, “it’s probably a little more difficult now with me around. I mean, I don’t exactly look like any of you.”

Emmett grunted “Good point.”

“Can’t we just say he’s the servant?” Rosalie suggested with a smirk.

“Ha-ha.” Jacob mock laughed, causing me to giggle.

“Well, Edward and I have put quite a bit of thought into this. We both agree that you should all go back to school.” He started

But I interrupted “ya, just to keep an eye on me.” I grumbled.

Grandpa smiled, and continued, “and we assumed Jacob would as well.” To which Jacob nodded. I knew it wasn’t that he wanted to finish high school, he could care less about that; he just wanted to spend time around me. “So we’ve come up with a, well, hopefully believable story.”

“Carlisle and Esme will act as parents again,” Dad said, picking up where Grandpa left off. “Rosalie will be their oldest daughter, eighteen, and Alice and Bella will be their seventeen year old twins. You all look enough alike or like one of them that it shouldn’t be much of a stretch of the imagination.”

“Sweet!!!” Alice jumped and smiled, “I’ve always wanted a twin! We should dress alike at school.”

Mom rolled her eyes and groaned. I think I even heard her mumble under her breath something about killing Dad for that.

“Emmett Greaves and Jasper Hale will be the first to be adopted and will both be eighteen, followed by the brother and sister pair Edward and Nessie Swan, seventeen and sixteen respectively.” Carlisle continued.

What! I’m my Dad’s sister now! He’s just doing this to keep an eye on me. I thought. Dad just smiled at me and nodded. I hated when he did that.

“This way, I don’t have to pretend like my wife is my sister and I can keep an eye on Nessie.” Dad said, filling in the rest of the family.

“What about me?” Jacob asked.

“Well, we were thinking you could be Esme’s nephew. That way it becomes easier to explain why you have your own place, while their own children are living in the house.” Dad explained.

Yep, they’re right I thought to myself our story gets more complicated by the minute.

“We’re assuming you wanted to keep the name Black.” Carlisle added.

“Works for me.” Jacob said leaning back so his chair rested on the back two legs, arms stretched up behind his head. He was in his typical attire, jeans, no shirt, and I couldn’t help stare at his chest.

Dad growled again, kicking out under the table and toppling Jacobs’s chair. He went flying with a yelp, causing Emmett and Jasper to laugh.

“I wasn’t even thinking anything that time!” he grumbled, picking up the chair and sitting down again, just out of Dad’s reach.

“No, but it’ll teach you to keep a shirt on.” Dad said, glaring at me.

I blushed, and so did Jacob.

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I almost have 3rd chapter done!
reallly funny but obviously i want more :D
i busted out giggling at the end :)
continue plz
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. . .ohh myy goshh!! imm stilll laughinggg! (:
that was hilarius

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