The day before school started I spent time with my Jacob. We spent the afternoon in my room; me trying to get organized, and Jacob lounging on my bed. He laughed at the way I was freaking out. But I was nervous, regardless of what everyone else said about it. Alice came in at one point to pick out my outfit; I wasn’t going to argue with her, she’d done this more than once. Mom finally threw Alice and Jacob out so that I could get some sleep. Not that I did though.

Mom had woken me up this morning pretty early, knowing I’d spend most of it running around trying to get ready. Jacob came up a little later (dressed nicely, I might add: blue jeans and a long sleeve dark red polo. Alice must have picked it up for him) and had dragged me downstairs where the two of us were now eating breakfast.

“Eat up kiddo,” Jacob mumbled between bites, “Trust me, it’ll make you feel better.”

I doubted that, but did it anyways.

Mom, Dad, and the others came down a few minutes later, and we all headed into the garage. Dad, Mom, Emmett, and Rosalie headed for Dad’s Volvo, while Alice and Jasper went to my Jetta. It made sense, I guess, they were the only ‘inconspicuous’ cars we owned. Jacob and I followed, and I threw my keys to him. He smiled, knowing Dad hated it when I let him drive my car.

“We’ll see you guys there.” Dad called, revving the engine of the Volvo before heading down the driveway.

Jacob smirked at me, “Should I?” he asked.

Jasper laughed, “You’ll never beat him.”

We both smirked, knowing that I had let Jacob play with my car as soon as I had gotten it. After he was done, he said that it was as fast as Alice’s Porsche.

Alice smiled from the back seat. “Edward’s gonna be pissed when he gets there.”

With that, Jacob flew out of the garage to catch up with Dad.

Jacob passed him a mile before we got to school, and Dad never did catch up.

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