I'm REALLY sorry for the LONG wait on ch. 4! Here it is! Sorry! =)

I'm REALLY sorry for the LONG wait on ch. 4! Here it is! Sorry! =)color:fuchsia"">

It turned out we had English together too. Brooklynn was great, and we seemed to have a lot in common (well, other
than the whole secret vampire thing). Between classes I had asked her if it was
easy for her to make friends here when she moved. She just shrugged and said
that she had a few good ones, and that was all she needed.

As we left English, she asked if I wanted to join her and her friends for lunch. Internally, I think I was jumping
up and down like a lunatic. Of course, I agreed; sitting with my family didn't
even enter my head.

"They really are pretty good people. Just a little strange." She said with a laugh, turning a corner. I
think I would have been totally lost if I hadn't been following her.

"Don't worry; you haven't met most of my family yet."font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">

We entered the cafeteria, grabbed some food (crappy stuff even by human standards, and it smelt really bad too.)
and headed to a table off to the side.

I saw Mom and Dad, and smiled to them. Dad glared for a moment, until Mom elbowed him in the ribs. I didn't see Jacob
yet, and I kind of began to feel bad about ignoring him. Tell him I'm
sorry, and I'll see him in history.
 I thought to Dad. I saw him nod,
before turning back to Mom.

Brooklynn ended up leading me to a table near the far side wall of the cafeteria. All her friends smiled at us as
we sat down, and Brooklynn introduced me.

"Guys, this is Nessie. mso-bidi-font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">Nessmso-bidi-font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">, this is Marney," she said, pointing to a shy girl with short blond hair, "Mark," a short skinny
boy with glasses, "and Lacey." She finished, pointing to the brunette
at the table. I waved at them, and they all said hi.

"Hey, where's Chris?" Brooklynn asked, pointing to the two unoccupied chairs at the table.

Mark laughed, "Had gym with Burns last period. He's probably still dragging himself off the field."

"Who's Burns?" I asked, picking up a slice of pizza (yep… just as bad as I thought it would be).

"Evil gym teacher slash football coach. Chris likes sports, so he puts up with it. The rest of us bail as soon
as possible." Lacey said, waving her salad fork around for emphasis.

We continued eating for a bit, them a little more eagerly than me, with everyone smiling and laughing. Mark seemed to
be the clown of the group, and was really quite sweet. Lacey was nice, and
seemed really kind and outgoing, maybe a little crazy, but Marney looked really
shy; turns out she is really quite smart. They all included me in their
conversations, asking about where I was from and I if liked it here so far.

Emmett walked by a little while later, ruffling my hair and smiling before continuing on to my family's table
at the back. Marney yelped in surprise as he walked by, and tried to hide
behind Mark.

"Whoa, who's the giant?" Lacey asked, leaning back in her chair to try and get a better view as he
walked away.

"That's just Emmett." I replied, trying to smooth my hair down again.

"He's huge!" Marney said; her voice a little higher than normal.10.0pt;font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">

The rest of us laughed, "He's not that big," I said, turning to get a better look at him, "Well,
ok, he's big, but Jacob's taller."

"Ya, well," she said, coming out from behind Mark, "he's still intimidating."

Before I could reply, another boy appeared beside Brooklynn and took the empty seat beside her. He was tall, and
handsome, with short brown hair. It must have been Chris. I blame the bad
smelling food and the noise for me missing the guy who came up behind me and
crashed into the seat beside me, moaning as he buried his head in his arms,
slumped on the table.

Chris just laughed, while the rest of us looked shocked.Arial;color:fuchsia"">

"Hey guys," Chris said, dumping his backpack on the floor and pulling out a lunch. When he went to
shove his backpack under the table he accidently kicked the other guy's leg,
causing him to grunt. I recognized that grunt.

"Hey Chris," Brooklynn said, "Oh, this is Nessie." She said, pointing to me.

"Nice to meet you." He replied.color:fuchsia"">

The girls starred at the guy sitting beside me, waiting for some sort of introduction, and I laughed as he groaned

"Who's that?" Mark asked, a moment later while Chris's mouth was full.

It took him a moment to swallow, "Him? Met him in gym." Chris said with a smirk. "Don't think he
knew what he was getting himself into."

"What, don't like gym?" I said sarcastically, laughing as he growled.

"Shut… up… kid…" he groaned from under his arm.Arial;color:fuchsia"">

Everyone else at the table stared at how rude this new guy was being to me. Chris looked around the others, as if he
was asking if he should get rid of him somehow. This just made me laugh harder.
I shoved the guy's shoulder, putting a good bit of my vampire strength into it,
and he staggered, almost losing his balance.

"Oh buzz off…" he grumbled, "stupid frickin' gym teacher from hell…"

I smiled, and started rubbing his tense shoulders. He whimpered contentedly, causing Chris to look at me funny.
When he actually figured it out, he started laughing. Brooklynn got it out soon

"You are such a baby, Jacob." I said with a smile, digging my thumb into a pressure point.

Jacob swore loudly, turning himself out of reach.color:fuchsia"">

"Baby…" I said again. I turned to the others and explained, "This is Jacob, one of my family."

"Huge…" I heard Marney mumble under her breath.font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">

Mark and Chris burst out laughing, while Lacey snorted. Jacob's head snapped up at the sound, causing the rest of
us to join in.

Jacob smiled and waved hello to everyone, and then reached out and stole my tray of food.

"Hey! That was mine." I yelled.color:fuchsia"">

"You wouldn't of finished it." He said between mouthfuls. He took the chocolate chip cookie (my
favourite) and shoved it in my mouth with a smirk.

"There, happy?"

I smiled, shoving the rest of it in my mouth. They all started laughing at me when I chocked on it.

It took the others a while, but once they got used to Jacob's strangeness, they all started to get along fine.

"So," Mark said, pushing his empty tray away and putting a comic book in front of himself, "Find
out why everyone hates gym here?"

"Humph, someone could have warned me." He grumbled, causing Chris to laugh.

"What? You love running." I said, eating the peppers he had pulled off my pizza.

"Running, yes." He said, pushing the tray away and collapsing on the table again. "Pushups, sit
ups, and all that crap, no."

Chris laughed, and started telling a story of how he had to go save Jacob from complete humiliation when he started
mouthing off to the teacher. That sounded to me like something Jacob would do.
He had a very big mouth. And nice lips. Focus you stupid girl! Either
way, I knew Jacob had been going easy in gym to look more human. He already
stood out enough because of his height.

"So I've got a question for you." Chris said, shooting his garbage into the trashcan like a

"Go for it." Jacob said, leaning on the back two legs of his chair like he always did. I wonder why he
did that, he usually fell.

"If that's your family over at that table, then what the hell are they doing?" He asked.

I leaned over Jacob to see around into the aisle and my parents table at the back. I guess I leaned a little too
much, because Jacob yelped and fell over backwards.

"Oops, sorry." I mumbled helping him up. He grumbled something, but sat down again, leaving me plenty of
room to look.

"What do you mean?" I asked, watching my family. Mom and Dad were talking, heads close together.
Jasper and Alice were laughing. And Emmett was kissing Rosalie's neck. Nothing
out of the ordinary there at all.

My new friends all looked at me like I had gone crazy. Like I had somehow sprouted another head, a tail, and some
wings. Hell, they looked at me like I had grown fangs!

"That!" Brooklynn said, pointing to Rosalie and Emmett.font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">

Jacob laughed, causing everyone to turn back to him.Arial;color:fuchsia"">

"Ok, it looks a hell of a lot creepier than it really is." He explained. It's a good thing he was here,
he's a much better liar than I am. (Yes, it finally clicked in what they were
shocked about)

"None of us are actually related." He said casually. "Well, it's complicated. The three girls
over there are blood sisters" I cringed at the word blood, I was getting
thirsty. "Edward and Nessie here are siblings too. The rest of us are all

"Umm, that's still a little weird." Marney said quietly.font-family:Arial;color:fuchsia"">

"Not really. Jasper was the first to do it. Fell in love with Alice, thought it was weird, got himself
emancipated, and went back to his birth name. Technically not related anymore,
actually, they weren't related in the first place. Now they just live under the
same roof. Since then the rest of them that were adopted did too. Edward and
Nessie Swan, Emmett Hale, and me, Jacob Black."

"Actually, you were never adopted." I put in, trying to sound as casual as he was.

Jacob smiled at me, that big dopey smile that made me melt. "True, Carlisle and Esme are actually my aunt and
uncle. My parents died when I was a kid, so they took me in."

"Sorry," Chris said sympathetically. "So the Cullen's just managed to take in a bunch of kids
that just happened to fall for each other?"

"Kinda. Jasper's with Alice, Emmett's with Rosalie, Edward's actually engaged to Bella" Dad was going
to kill him for throwing that part in. People were going to be talking about us
enough as it was. "and that left me and Nessie. She's probably the one I'm
closest too. First one that went out of her way for me when I showed up."
He said smiling at me, kicking my chair slightly, "Haven't gotten her to
leave me alone since!"

Everyone laughed, while I glared at him.color:fuchsia"">

"So you guys aren't together?" Lacey asked a moment later. For some reason unbeknownst to me
(not really, I'm just denying it still) I got really jealous. He was my Jacob,
so she could back the hell off.

"Naw, Nessie's too good for me." Jacob said with a laugh, neutralizing the tension.

After that we all went back to less depressing topics.Arial;color:fuchsia"">


Hope you like it! (Tell me what you think) =)Hope you like it! (Tell me what you think) =) :)

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