Well one lesson….to save my breath with everything else. Life. It. Sucks. Your very welcome. When I was little I wasn’t taught this. So when I became a werewolf, life that sucks was new news for me. Back more stories for later. I am Cj. Cj uh…Coleman. Just to get this over with, I’m tall for my age (13), I have golden eyes, I live in Indiana, I have a ton of friends….Well maybe three. Allison, Dylan, and Adam. Bailey is my friend…..sometimes. And Grace.. is my friends I guess. Sarah and Libby and I DON’T get along. Allison is my girlfriend, so I guess I’m supposed to adapt her friends. I’m not sure I can do that. She was already friends with my friends so…. Anyway. Dylan is entirely insane. He’s highlarious. Even though you can’t seriously talk to him. If I were you I wouldn’t believe to much of what Dylan says. As crayons go, Dylan is a dark blue. Adam is pretty cool too. You can actually talk to him. But since him and Bailey uh….Broke up….He’s different. But Bailey’s moved along. Bailey is a lot of fun too….sometimes. Other times she acts like Rosalie’s twin. Grace is shy, but usually not around me anymore. She’s pretty nice. Libby treats me like I’m a werew-…….Never mind. Sarah doesn’t treat me well either. Maybe They’ve never given me quite the chance I need. Most of Allison’s family likes me. Well Bella approves. And then there’s Allison. The one who’s lost her mind. The one who has a great past but wouldn’t tell anyone. By the age of five she was practically famous. Why wouldn’t you tell someone that? Well she used to be in pageants, and went on to model. That’s hard to do when your born in Tell City, Indiana, a city that even Winslow doesn’t even care about. But she ended up here, the middle of no where. And yes its that bad. Google Earth hasn’t even been here. Now that’s terrible. But anyways Allison is slightly different. She didn’t choose to be this way. But she likes it.  Her powers are amazing! I mean who wouldn’t want her powers. And She may be vegetarian, but she still keeps pets. She has um…13 pets. Insane right? Cuddles, Angel, and Felix (Dogs), Sydney (hamster), Leah Madison and Storm (cats), Sumo, Chip, Dale, Nugget, and Emily (chickens), Lucy and Tim (fish). Completely insane. But they don’t all live at one house. They are scattered in-between three. Thats still insane. But she says she will never hurt her pets. So I guess we’ll see. She actually wants to follow in Carlisle’s footsteps. She wants to be a vet. Or a paleontologist. Which I don’t know what that is. But I don’t care. It sounds cool. She’s only eleven and stand 11 inches shorter than me. And 10 beneath Bailey. But she isn’t exactly short. She four foot 6. And stuck in fifth grade forever. And so am I. Terrible right?

“Nope. Your gonna fall. Land on your face. And die.” Dylan laughed as I slid down a rail on my skateboard. “Sure. I will Dylan.” I said sticking the landing. “Nice grasshopper but not like the master.” Dylan said throwing down his skateboard and gaining speed. Dylan had been skating from the age of three. What had I been doing? Rollerblading the old streets of this town with my sisters. Lucky me. 
Motion caught my eye. And then giggles. I looked out into the distance. I saw Allison, Bailey, and Sarah doing flips in the meadow. I heard a sharp scream as Bailey pushed Allison from her handstand, and she fell for the ground. At first you would have thought she was hurt. But then Bailey began to run away with Allison chasing her. I knew they were both okay. 
I heard the crack of wood. “Earth to Cj? Help?” Dylan asked laying on the ground with his snapped board beside him. “Sorry” I laughed helping him up. “Eh. My board.” He sighed. “Lets go visit.” I smiled nodding my head to the girls. “Sure. Why not?” Dylan frowned but I didn’t care. We walked into the meadow. The distinct thing about this group was that they didn’t have meadows named after them. Or islands. But they didn’t care. They all had a lullaby. Even Sarah. 
“Hey guys,” I smiled approaching them. “Hey” Bailey said stopping running. “Hi.” Allison laughed jumping on Bailey’s back. But Bailey just threw her off. And she hit tree. Allison was always the one to get beat up. But I think she likes it. “Be careful. Vampires aren’t supposed to have bruises and I still do,” She said regaining strength and getting up. “Sorry,” Bailey sighed as I ran to pick up Allison. “Oh mi gosh!” She screamed as I picked her up. .

                             Amazing Friends. ♥

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