He looked at me again but his eyes were black. What the hell is wrong with his eyes, I thought. The bell rang. He got up with angriness. Ok now he is being rude I did nothing to him-wait how come he was al nice in the beginning? I thought again. I sighed and walked to gym alone until this guy came up to me and said." Hi my name is Mike Newton and your Bella Swan for sure." "Umm yea. How did u know?" I looked at Mike questionably. " Well I never seen you around here... and I heard my friends talking about you." He said "Okay well I need to get going to gym.... Bye Mike." I told him walking away quickly and did not make eye contact. Well, that was weird, I thought. I walked into the gym and into the girls locker room. I went to the teacher Mrs. Ryan she gave me my locker number and combination. When i walked to my gym locker I saw this pale, small, and golden eyes and she looked like Edward's sister so I walked up to her and confronted her. "Hi I'm Bella." I said to the girl. She looked at me and she said cheerfully " Hello! I'm Alice." She giggled and gave me a hug. "Are you Edward's sister?" I asked. She nodded "Yea. Why do you ask?" I sighed " Well I meet him today and he looked really angry and I know this is going to sound awkward but there is one" I put my pointer finger up and I continued "thing that i have in mind what you are." she sighed "Then what are we?" she said "Vampire" I said. "Are you scared?" she wondered. "Only afraid of loosing you guys"

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