I couldn’t believe it, I was having a kid. That must have been why Edward stormed off. I sat there on the couch in a daze while every one stared at me. After I don’t know how many minutes, it might have even been hours, Bella finally came over to where I was sitting. “ Jake, you ok” Bella asked looking into my eyes. I came out of the daze and looked around the room to actually see the people in it. “o ya im fine. Im going to go for a run and maybe go see the guys” I told them walking out the door and ripping my shirt off. When I got to the woods I yanked by jeans off and broke off into a run after I changed into my wolf form. It had been a while since I had gotten to run full speed in the woods. It felt nice and I was very happy no one else was in wolf form. I got to the beach in about three minutes. I pulled my jeans back on but left my shirt off. I sat there for a long time just thinking but my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of someone yelling my name down the beach. “Jake!” they kept yelling, I could tell who ever it was was getting closer. I wanted to look to see who it was, but couldn’t. it was like my body was in the daze again and wouldn’t let me move. “Hey Jake what are you doing back? Why didn’t you tell anyone you were back?” Embry asked. He shook me after I didn’t answer but I still didn’t say anything. “Hello, Jake dude what’s wrong with you?” he asked sitting down next to me. “she’s pregnant” I finally said looking at him. I saw the shock in his face, but then he suddenly jumped up and yelled “ that’s great dude congratulations” . he bent down to give me a hug but noticed that I wasn’t as excited as I should be. “what’s wrong? This is great you just got married and now your having a kid. I don’t get what’s wrong.” he said sitting down again. “that’s just it, I just got married and now im having a kid. I’m not ready to be a dad or support a family. And the worst part is I keep thinking about Bella back when she was pregnant with Nessie. It was horrible, seeing her like that. I wanted to kill her when I saw what she was doing to Bella. And now I have to go through the same thing with Ness. I don’t think I can do that”. I sighed and put my head between my legs. “ im sorry” was all he could say. We sat there for a few minutes until Embry stood up. “ hey im going to go ok, im really tired and I think you would rather be alone” he told me patting me on the back. “hey Embry im going to be with Ness a lot so do you think that you could tell the other guys that im here and about Ness?” I asked him not completely looking at him. “ya of course, well ill see you later Jake” he took off along the beach running back home. Home. I guess I should be getting home to Renesmee, and the thing living inside of her. I shuddered, but reluctantly got up.

Back home, every one was trying to act busy when I walked in. I knew I didn’t want to talk to them about it right now, so I walked up the stairs to Nessie’s room. She was sound asleep in her bed. She looked so peaceful, not like there was something living inside her. I know this was going to be hard for everyone, but I think it will be the hardest for me. I wanted to get in the bed with her and go to sleep, but I didn’t want to wake her. I want her to have as much sleep as she can get. I grabbed a pillow and the small blanket at the bottom of the bed and crawled onto the floor. I could go some where else to sleep but I wanted to stay with her. I wanted to be here just incase she needed me. I knew I needed her, I will always need her. That made me stay.

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This is awseome I love ur writing skills it's awesommmmmeee!!!! Keep it up
Poor Jake...He mast be in a lot of pain...And he only just got married and know hes gonna be a D.A.D...
And poor Ness just thinking of whats gonna happen to her

I loved it and i can not wait to find out what they have and how its gonna tern out hatf human vampire
or haft human werewolf
really good

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